Friday, December 17, 2010

Growing, growing, growing

I am no longer a chubby lil baby. Nope. I'm a full fledged, slim & trim, movin' & groovin' toddler. That's right - I said slim! The doctor proved it today. I had my 18 month check up (ok, I'm not officially 18 months until next week) and the doctor said I was in the 90% for my height but only the 50% for my weight - that's right - skinny minnie! But I don't want to keep too much extra on so that I can run fast to keep up with my big Sissy (she's FAST! esp for being almost double my weight). It's also probably because of all that dancing I've been doing. Mommy and Daddy brought out a musical Christmas tree and it is awesome! I LOVE to dance to it - well, now that I'm not scared of it. I couldn't be in the same room as it for the first week it was out. It kind of gave me the heebie jeebies. But, the doc said I was perfect (she has good taste) and Sissy doesn't even have an ear infection, but still has fluid in the one ear. The doc says that's why she can't hear so well.

Hopefully we'll be seeing you soon! ((hugs)) E2

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Children's Christmas Choir

Here is a video of E1 singing in the Christmas choir at church last Sunday.
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Give me 5!

Well, Sissy has taught E2 a new trick - giving 5 - and she LOVES it! Although there is a fine line (that sometimes seems to be crossed) between a friendly high 5 and hitting. But here is a little video sampler of not only E2 giving 5, but also of her other favorite thing to do ....trying on gloves. It is hard to keep her out of the gloves, hats and shoes. :)

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Program

I am not sure if you would be able to come or not, but I am singing in the Christmas program at church on Sunday, December 19 at 5:30. I have been practicing and practicing! I don't know why, but Mom seems a little nervous about me being on stage in front of our whole church family. This is the third time I've done it - I would think she would have gotten over her jitters by now. Or maybe, it has something to do with the fact that I have been on stage before......I'm sure I was a perfect little princess....right? Again, no pressure to come (Mom will definitely film the whole thing with the zoom right on my face...hee hee). We understand that this is not only the most wonderful time of the year, but also the busiest. Love you! E1

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Playing in the snow

Wow, what a weekend! Live nativity, Christmas lights - and now all this wonderful, white, fluffy snow! This IS the most wonderful time of the year! Burl Ives is right on! Even though E1 is sick, Mom and Dad still let her come out for a little bit. She was so sad when she thought she was going to have to stay inside. Here are some pictures of our fun - and even of the beautiful snow lady that Daddy and I made - well, he did all the hard work. I just stood around and threw snowballs at him. I really wanted to hit that bit of skin on his lower back that was hanging out when he bent over, but I thought that might be cruel (kind of like an iceball in the ear). We had a great time!! Love - E1

Fun Christmas Stuff

This time of year is wOnDeRFuL! Mom and Dad are always thinking of fun things to do to help celebrate the holiday. That means more crafting, yummy food to eat, and other fun things. This week, we finished an advent calendar (ok, we only have 13 days because Mom didn't agree with the "story" for the other days). We also got to see Mr. Dale in the live nativity scene at his church. It was great. He was dressed like a wise man. I was a little nervous because there were Roman soldiers walking around with spears. But we say Mary & Joseph, the angels, and best of all - a donkey, lambs, goats, and even a camel. I think E2 wanted to take the lamb home with us. She was a little upset that she was wearing mittens because she wanted to love and hug and squeeze and rub and kiss the lamb and name him George.  After the nativity, we drove to see the lights at Reynolds (which it turns out they love Jesus, too! How fantastic) and at a nearby house. The wonderful family that lives in this house sets their lights to music - it is FANTASTIC! I asked Mom if we could do that sometime to our house and she said no way - she didn't want all the people parked outside for the entire month of December. Good point, Mom (although I still think it would be cool).

Here are some pictures of the Advent calendar (E2 was busy coloring while we made the calendar) and the live nativity.

Love to all,

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

First snow!

Great news! We got a bunch of snow and it is even sticking to the ground! Guess what Dad - I made a snowball (even though you said I couldn't). We just went out for a few minutes to start with because Mom hasn't found E2's snowpants or boots yet (and boy did she cry when we had to come back in - she must love snow as much as me). After lunch, while E2 is still napping, Mom said I could go back out - and she'd even make me some hot cocoa for when I come back in - yippee!!!

Hope you're enjoying some snowflakes on your tongue, too! Love, E1

PS. I'm so glad I'm homeschooled. Otherwise, I'd be stuck in a boring ole classroom and not get to enjoy the snow. I'm so lucky!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Funny Video

Here is a funny video (click below) of me and E2. I am such a wonderful dancer (and I don't mind saying so) and E2 just loves to try and mess it all up. She is such a cRaZy bAbY!

Dancing Siefker Girls video link

Friday, November 12, 2010

Picture Time

Here are some fun pictures that Mommy has taken of us. Here I am eating a banana all by myself for the first, and according to Mommy, last time. I guess I like it too much and tend to over stuff my mouth. Oops.

 Here are Sissy and I with our new hair cuts.

Here I am doing one of my favorite things - walking around in other people's shoes - or in this case, Mommy's slippers. Maybe I ought to try out for that play, HONK!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Spoiler Alert - Do not read if you think Santa is a real person

One of the books I am reading for school is The Family Under The Bridge and in this story, an older hobo kind of guy takes the young homeless children to the store at Christmastime to meet Father Christmas (who Mom told me was another name for Santa). So the Santa asks the children if they have been good and one replies that they try to do the things they know to be good, but sometimes they are naughty and don't know it. The Santa then says to the children that he likes TRUTHFUL CHILDREN! Bwaaaa haaa haaa!! I burst out in an uncontrollable laughter and nearly fell off the chair. Santa likes truthful children - and he isn't even real himself? That's a GOOD one!!!

Mom said I was so smart to figure that out on my own, so I thought I'd share it in case you didn't catch it when you had to read the book when you were little. Did they even have books when you were little?


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Harvest Party!

Well, I sent my invitation to my one best friend in the whole world, and he wasn't able to come. boo! But, I had a great time at the Harvest Party anyway. I played games, jumped on the obstacle course, ate candy. 4 pieces!! - can you even believe Mom let me have that much - she didn't! Dad did! Wooohooo! She asked if I wanted to ride home early with her and E2 - are you kidding? I just knew I could talk Dad into letting me have more candy. The bad news was that they put the obstacle course away early, so I didn't get to go one last time on it like I wanted. boo!

E2 dressed up as a pumpkin (the cutest pumpkin I have ever seen) and I was Sleeping Beauty. I was going to be Rapunzel, but Mom was afraid the hair would get in the way. Either way, I was a princess and I was beautiful, if I do say so myself.

See for yourself....
((hugs)) E1

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pooh and Roo Jack-o-Lanterns

We carved our pumpkins last night and it was SO much fun. I got to pick the pictures and even got to help Daddy with our Pooh pumpkin. I used the poker and even the little cutter. Daddy did all the tricky parts, but I sure did a lot (and man, that is hard work!). I think they turned out great!! What do YOU think?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What's she thinking?

My little sister is a little on the silly side. She loves to climb on things but lately, she has had some problems getting down. What is so silly is that I hear her squeal from the other room, so Mom and I come running in and she is usually scared and hanging on for dear life - and there is only an inch before she reaches the floor. She's acting like she's a cliff hanger. Silly girl. The other silly thing she does now is lay down with Mindy on the floor and give her kisses. She LOVES that cat! I sure hope she doesn't have an allergy like me because she will be so broken hearted. She follows the cat around and looks for her all the time. She just found one of my baby books that is a "Where's Kitty" book - you have to find the little kitty on each page. She LOVES that book! I think her nickname should be Kat. (giggle)

Kiss Kiss

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

OUR New Bedroom

I keep hearing Sissy say that her new bedroom this and her new bedroom that....I'm here to tell you that I specifically heard Mommy and Daddy say that it is OUR new bedroom. So as soon as I prove to Mommy that I am a good sleeper without a bedtime bottle, I'm in! This was the 3rd night of not making a peep at night, so hopefully it'll be soon. Mommy said something about getting a tent for the top of my crib so that I don't climb out of it like I did the playpen. Not sure I like the idea of that or not, but if it gets me into the new room, I'm all for it! It's my favorite place to be - pretty, pink and Sissy (my favorite person) is there. What could be better?! Here I am (in the pictures below) trying out Sissy's bed. She has some extra blankets on it to stay warm and I sure thougth it looked nice and snuggly. I agree with Sissy - it'd be fun to actually sleep in the same bed together! ((hugs)) E2

Saturday, October 23, 2010

My new bedroom

Last night was the first night I got to sleep in my new bedroom. It was a little hard to get used to at first. Dad was awesome though, and he came in and laid down with me until I fell asleep. Some things seem the same, like my bed seems about the same, but other things are very different. For one thing, I have gotten pretty used to having lil E in the room with me. Mom says that when she has adjusted to not having her bedtime bottle, she'll be glad to move her in with me. So I hope she sleeps all the way through the night without a peep so we can move her in tomorrow! Maybe she'll even want to sleep in bed WITH me?!?!  Mom and Dad are talking about getting her a big girl bed since she can escape from the playpen now. I guess they figure it is only a matter of time before the little climber attempts to climb out of her crib - and lemme tell you - that first step's a doozie!  I'm pretty sure that all of Noblesville will know if she tries that!

Today was a pretty good day. Besides working on our room most of the day, we got to walk down to the pumpkin patch. Ok, Mom and Dad walked, and me and lil E rode in the wagon. I wanted to walk, too, but something about traffic and no shoulders? I don't know what shoulders have to do with me walking since I walk on my feet, but parents are always right - or so they keep telling me. Here are some pictures from our fun trip to Spencers.

On our walk over...
How about this one??
 It sure is a big one - ugh! Dad, I think you're gonna have to carry it!

 Kinda sounds like a watermelon or bongo drum when I rat-a-tat-tap on it.

All E2 wanted to do was run, but she occassionally slowed down enough to rub the pumpkins.

 On the wagon ride to the little country store and through the woods.

What a great day!!! I love fall, but I love winter better! I can't wait to make snow balls. We already visited the Christmas aisles at Lowes - such fun!!!!! Love to all, E1.