Wednesday, December 30, 2009


You know what I learned how to do? Jump. It is sooooo much fun!! Mommy says it is good for my body too and will help me learn how to crawl and walk. You know what that means? I jump any chance I can get! I can't wait to be able to crawl and walk (run) and chase my big Sissy around. So I jump in my exersaucer. I jump when Mommy has me in the carrier. I jump if someone is holding me....any chance I get! It turns out I'm not alone. Lots of the short people like to jump. We went to a place yesterday that had these huge, colorful things that all the short people would get in and jump, jump, jump!! I really wanted to get in one, but I haven't figured out how to drag Mommy around when she has me in the carrier yet. I pretty much have to go where she goes. Which leads me to my next story....

While we were at this jump place, Sissy came running and said she had to go potty. Not sure why she just doesn't go in her diaper like me and why Mommy and I had to take part in her potty process, but it turns out, we were REALY involved in the process. We go in the girls room (cool that there was a room just for girls) and Sissy goes on this short lil potty just for short people (ahhh, how cute!). Next thing you know, I'm staring down the back of Sissy INTO that short lil potty. Man, it was stinky and I was headed for it - face first!!! I thought for sure I was a goner. Sissy even cried out telling Mommy to not drop me in the toilet. I started kicking and swinging my arms like a crazy baby! Sissy (who Mommy was cleaning up after she made a mess in that cute lil potty) was yelling that I was kicking her in the head, but man, I had to make sure Mommy didn't accidentally flush me down that thing! I pulled hair, shirts, straps, anything I could get a hold of.... Thank the good Lord above, I made it out. Whew, that was close!
I heard Mommy say we were going to another jumping place again today! Maybe this time I can convince Mommy to let ME jump too!
Love to all,

Monday, December 28, 2009

What's going on?

Ok, I am used to my regular routine. I wake up at 6am, have a little something to drink, go back to bed. Then I sleep, eat and play off and on the rest of the day. Sometimes, Mommy will take me and big Sissy out for an errand but we are usually back by the time I need to eat again. Pretty regular, pretty routine. Quiet. I like it quiet.

I don't know what happened but now there are flashing lights here, loud sounds there, people in my face all the time pinching my cheeks and telling me I'm so cute (I'm starting to think I really am a cute baby). I think Mommy fell off her rocker too because she brought, not a flower, not a stick, not even a small shrub, but a TREE into the house. Can you even believe it? A tree. And she put all sorts of shiny, sparkly, lighty kind of things on it (but she won't let me touch or lick any of it - ugh!). But one super fantastic thing she does let me do is play with this beautiful paper! Wonderful blues, greens, reds - they look so yummy that I just have to have a taste. So, when she's not looking, I quickly shove some into my mouth. Then it's all over. The crinkly noise is gone. The paper gets ooey - gooey. Mommy turns around and yanks it away and says this strange word to me. No. What's that supposed to mean?!? No. Hmmmmm....I need to think about this for a while. I hear her say it more and more. I don't think Sissy knows what it means either because Mommy has to say it to her over and over.

Something wonderful has happened. I have been seeing more and more people and I just love them! I love to watch their beautiful faces and see how they move their faces all around. I love to hear the noises come out of their mouths (and then sometimes I try to make the same noise back at them - my favorite so far is a raspberry). :)

Mommy and Daddy must be so happy that I am 6 months now. They even put some statues in the yard to tell everyone who goes by that I am 6 months. It is a statue of Daddy, Mommy and me in a lil bassinet.

Love to all,

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Ok, Mom and Dad have told me that this guy in a red suit with a white beard, who seems to be everywhere, is not real. It is something that people have made up as a distraction to the real meaning of Christmas (which is Jesus' birthday). I really do understand that. I know that the most important thing about everything is God, and especially His Son's birthday! I'd never forget that.

But.....back on this guy in a red suit. I watched a movie called the Polar Express and it turns out that he not only has reindeer and elves...but a HUGE bag of presents. AND, you have to believe in order to get a present. So....I think I'll just believe in him for a little bit to see if he brings me a present. Hey, ya get what you believe, right? It's worth a shot to get another gift. :) I'm going to try to sneak a visit with him to make sure he knows what I want. I'd hate for someone to get me a gift and not know what I really want. I might end up with something I already have... Maybe I could just write him a letter and let him know that Mommy has a wish list at that has some good ideas. I wonder if he has an internet connection at the north pole?

Love, hugs and a Merry Christmas to all,

Monday, December 14, 2009


I was thinking again last night about how I want to get married and wear a beautiful wedding gown that flows and shimmers in the light - I just know it would be fantastic and breath-taking! I can't wait. So, when Mommy came in to my thotful spot (aka the bathroom), I told her I just can't wait to be married. She said did I know what happens after the beautiful wedding? Um, no. Then she asked if I thought I'd still live with Mommy and Daddy? I thought I would. She then pointed out that she doesn't live with her Mom & Dad now that she is married. Hmmmm that brings up a very good point. Sorry Benji, this is something I hadn't thought of before.....there's a new candidate in town and he wins hands down......

ready for it????


I saw that they had an extra bedroom with a little bed just my size and everything! He's all grown up already and best of all, I'd live next door to my favoritest person in the whole world - Cole!! Perfect choice! Mom said I can't marry anyone I'm related to. I told her I knew that and that is one reason I didn't pick Grampa Siefker.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

What was that?

After I had my regular morning bottle, Mom did something she has never done before. She sat me down in my bouncy chair, put some pink thing on my neck and then set up the video camera. I didn't know WHAT to expect! Turns out, she was trying to put some pastey-stinky stuff in my mouth and you know what she wanted me to do - swallow it!!?? Is she crazy? That smelled like something a Mama bird would give her young....icky sticky! I used my best tongue skills to shove that out as fast as she could keep shoving it in. I think she got the hint when I tried to blow bubbles with it. :)