Wednesday, December 30, 2009


You know what I learned how to do? Jump. It is sooooo much fun!! Mommy says it is good for my body too and will help me learn how to crawl and walk. You know what that means? I jump any chance I can get! I can't wait to be able to crawl and walk (run) and chase my big Sissy around. So I jump in my exersaucer. I jump when Mommy has me in the carrier. I jump if someone is holding me....any chance I get! It turns out I'm not alone. Lots of the short people like to jump. We went to a place yesterday that had these huge, colorful things that all the short people would get in and jump, jump, jump!! I really wanted to get in one, but I haven't figured out how to drag Mommy around when she has me in the carrier yet. I pretty much have to go where she goes. Which leads me to my next story....

While we were at this jump place, Sissy came running and said she had to go potty. Not sure why she just doesn't go in her diaper like me and why Mommy and I had to take part in her potty process, but it turns out, we were REALY involved in the process. We go in the girls room (cool that there was a room just for girls) and Sissy goes on this short lil potty just for short people (ahhh, how cute!). Next thing you know, I'm staring down the back of Sissy INTO that short lil potty. Man, it was stinky and I was headed for it - face first!!! I thought for sure I was a goner. Sissy even cried out telling Mommy to not drop me in the toilet. I started kicking and swinging my arms like a crazy baby! Sissy (who Mommy was cleaning up after she made a mess in that cute lil potty) was yelling that I was kicking her in the head, but man, I had to make sure Mommy didn't accidentally flush me down that thing! I pulled hair, shirts, straps, anything I could get a hold of.... Thank the good Lord above, I made it out. Whew, that was close!
I heard Mommy say we were going to another jumping place again today! Maybe this time I can convince Mommy to let ME jump too!
Love to all,

Monday, December 28, 2009

What's going on?

Ok, I am used to my regular routine. I wake up at 6am, have a little something to drink, go back to bed. Then I sleep, eat and play off and on the rest of the day. Sometimes, Mommy will take me and big Sissy out for an errand but we are usually back by the time I need to eat again. Pretty regular, pretty routine. Quiet. I like it quiet.

I don't know what happened but now there are flashing lights here, loud sounds there, people in my face all the time pinching my cheeks and telling me I'm so cute (I'm starting to think I really am a cute baby). I think Mommy fell off her rocker too because she brought, not a flower, not a stick, not even a small shrub, but a TREE into the house. Can you even believe it? A tree. And she put all sorts of shiny, sparkly, lighty kind of things on it (but she won't let me touch or lick any of it - ugh!). But one super fantastic thing she does let me do is play with this beautiful paper! Wonderful blues, greens, reds - they look so yummy that I just have to have a taste. So, when she's not looking, I quickly shove some into my mouth. Then it's all over. The crinkly noise is gone. The paper gets ooey - gooey. Mommy turns around and yanks it away and says this strange word to me. No. What's that supposed to mean?!? No. Hmmmmm....I need to think about this for a while. I hear her say it more and more. I don't think Sissy knows what it means either because Mommy has to say it to her over and over.

Something wonderful has happened. I have been seeing more and more people and I just love them! I love to watch their beautiful faces and see how they move their faces all around. I love to hear the noises come out of their mouths (and then sometimes I try to make the same noise back at them - my favorite so far is a raspberry). :)

Mommy and Daddy must be so happy that I am 6 months now. They even put some statues in the yard to tell everyone who goes by that I am 6 months. It is a statue of Daddy, Mommy and me in a lil bassinet.

Love to all,

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Ok, Mom and Dad have told me that this guy in a red suit with a white beard, who seems to be everywhere, is not real. It is something that people have made up as a distraction to the real meaning of Christmas (which is Jesus' birthday). I really do understand that. I know that the most important thing about everything is God, and especially His Son's birthday! I'd never forget that.

But.....back on this guy in a red suit. I watched a movie called the Polar Express and it turns out that he not only has reindeer and elves...but a HUGE bag of presents. AND, you have to believe in order to get a present. So....I think I'll just believe in him for a little bit to see if he brings me a present. Hey, ya get what you believe, right? It's worth a shot to get another gift. :) I'm going to try to sneak a visit with him to make sure he knows what I want. I'd hate for someone to get me a gift and not know what I really want. I might end up with something I already have... Maybe I could just write him a letter and let him know that Mommy has a wish list at that has some good ideas. I wonder if he has an internet connection at the north pole?

Love, hugs and a Merry Christmas to all,

Monday, December 14, 2009


I was thinking again last night about how I want to get married and wear a beautiful wedding gown that flows and shimmers in the light - I just know it would be fantastic and breath-taking! I can't wait. So, when Mommy came in to my thotful spot (aka the bathroom), I told her I just can't wait to be married. She said did I know what happens after the beautiful wedding? Um, no. Then she asked if I thought I'd still live with Mommy and Daddy? I thought I would. She then pointed out that she doesn't live with her Mom & Dad now that she is married. Hmmmm that brings up a very good point. Sorry Benji, this is something I hadn't thought of before.....there's a new candidate in town and he wins hands down......

ready for it????


I saw that they had an extra bedroom with a little bed just my size and everything! He's all grown up already and best of all, I'd live next door to my favoritest person in the whole world - Cole!! Perfect choice! Mom said I can't marry anyone I'm related to. I told her I knew that and that is one reason I didn't pick Grampa Siefker.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

What was that?

After I had my regular morning bottle, Mom did something she has never done before. She sat me down in my bouncy chair, put some pink thing on my neck and then set up the video camera. I didn't know WHAT to expect! Turns out, she was trying to put some pastey-stinky stuff in my mouth and you know what she wanted me to do - swallow it!!?? Is she crazy? That smelled like something a Mama bird would give her young....icky sticky! I used my best tongue skills to shove that out as fast as she could keep shoving it in. I think she got the hint when I tried to blow bubbles with it. :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009


I am so thankful for Thanksgiving. I got to see all my wonderful family, including my best friend, Cole. I was so excited to see him! I did such a fantastic job eating all my food that Mommy let me have desserts - that's right, with an "s". She said it was a holiday and I was being so good that I got to try pumpkin pie, apple crisp, cookies - yummo! I even got to help her make the pumpkin roll for Daddy. I got to add the egg. I had no idea they were so fragile! It exploded! Oops! Mom laughed and said the same thing probably happened to her the first time she cracked an egg.

We decided to have a list for some of the things we are thankful for. I had several things that you might guess, like TV, Uno, Dad, Mom, Evelyn, Cole.... but I also had my cold on there. Mom reminded me that we should be thankful for colds because we appreciate our healthy days much more. She's so smart!

We put up the Christmas tree last night. It looks fabulous, and I helped! There are so many fun ornaments, even some with Daddy's name - you know, the one I'm not supposed to call him (Ed - shh, don't tell). I opened up one box and couldn't believe the beautiful, shiny, red ball that I pulled out!! I also love the jingle bells. Mom said it was better if they weren't all on the same branch. Mom and I are so disappointed, though. She took a lot of extra time to put the bubble lights on, and we can't use them. They got too hot last year and melted (some aren't exactly the right shape this year). How disappointing.

There are only 2 days left before we go to visit my other best friend - Cinderella. I am SO excited to meet her and see her castle!!! I better get to packing!

Love to all,

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


You won't believe it! I have GERMS! I woke up with them yesterday morning. Somehow, they got to me when I was sleeping. I woke up and Mom asked if my nose was stuffed up and I said no way. She had me sniff. She was right (I should have known, she's right a whole lot). It's stuffy. I tried hiding from her how runny it was by wiping it on my sleeve, but it left a mark - and she found it when it was all crispy dried on my sleeve. I tried doing everything I could to get rid of the germs. I washed my hands, blew my nose and sneezed onto my arm. They are still here today. Mom says I'll be stuck with them for 7-10 days. That's a LONG time! But, she also said that if I drink lots of water, get lots of sleep and take my vitamins, that maybe it'll only be 7 days and not 10.
Daddy has his own germs, too. Except his germs give him a sore throat and a headache. Last night he wanted to give me a hug and I told him I didn't need any more germs - I didn't even want to switch germs!

One of the worst things I have to stay back from my lil sister. I don't want to get her or Mom sick. I really miss getting in her face and making her smile. I can't even help get her pacifier or toys because there are germs on my hands. :(

I saw on the calendar this week that Mom & Dad will celebrating the day they got married. I told Mom that when I get big like her, I'm going to marry Cole. She laughed and said I can't do that. I almost started crying. It turns out, you can't marry your cousin. How silly is that? He's my best friend! Mom said I do want to marry a good friend like she did, but that I would need to pick another boy. At first I thought Eli might make a good choice, but then I remembered Benjamin. Mom said he better watch out, but I reminded her that I am a princess and he is ever so lucky! But, right now we are pretty busy (I saw the calendar and it is full of things to do), so I'll wait until I'm bigger to marry him.

Love to all!


Monday, November 16, 2009

Picture Time

Just some fun pictures that Mommy took of us girls having fun. :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

What I love

Some things in life outside the womb are great! Like a great stretch after being in my carseat for so long that my bum is wrinkled. The feeling just after Mommy puts me in the warm bath water - it feels so good it makes me pee. I love the way my fingers taste and sound when I slurp and lick all over them. I am sure my toes will be just as fantastic once I can get them to my mouth (so close but yet so far). I love it when my big sister comes and gives me a hug. I also love the way my heart feels (and my face too) when I watch her dance around the room. I love how beautiful God made the sky - I could stare at it for hours. I love the way a good growl sounds and feels in my throat - I also love that this gets everyone's attention - double bonus! I love the way my head feels now - it is so soft and fuzzy! I love to be held by Mommy and Daddy

I love to see Mommy or Daddy first thing in the morning when I am all cinched down tight in my sling and swaddled in my blanket. They set me free and I stretch and stretch - and nothing, and I mean nothing, feels better than letting out a gigantic fizzle first thing in the morning. Better out than in Great Grama always says. :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

When I grow up

I've been doing a lot of thinking about what I want to do when I grow up - you know, when I'm 10. And I have thought about being a teacher like my Mommy is to me, or a doctor or a baseball player (my friend Eli thinks this is a cool idea) - but I am pretty sure I have decided. I have this new baby sister that I love and adore and she had to have a tube because when she would drink her milk some of it would go in her lungs. I learned on Sid the Science Kid that lungs are for breathing and the air you breath gives your body energy. I also learned from Sid that your purple stomach (it was purple on TV) is used for digestion of food. I am not sure how God figured out that the air that goes in your mouth goes to your lungs and the food that goes in that same mouth goes down to your purple stomach.....but He did....and my baby sister didn't understand it either. SOOOoooooooo, I have had to watch my Mommy help my baby sister so much with her tube for feeding (she even gets to use a stethascope - how cool is THAT!), that I think that is what I want to be when I grow up. A nurse for babies with tubes. You know what - I could probably be one now. I see what my Mom does and I'm pretty sure I can handle it. I had to even hold the baby's head while Mom poked the tube down her nose. Sissy didn't like that much (and neither did I really) - but I did it! So now, when I grow up, I want to help other babies like I did for my baby sister.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Hello! I think you remember me telling you about that itchy nose that I have - well, "had". It isn't itching now. That tube that Mommy had in my nose is gone! You know what else is gone? That bottle looking thing that hangs above me when I eat. Mommy always took part of my yummy bottle and poured it in this tube looking thing and hung it up above my head. Now, when I eat, I look and look for it - and it isn't there. You know what is here now - HUNGER PANGS!! I am hungry all the time. And you know what? I have to work for it now. Used to be I'd eat a little out of my bottle, take a lil nappy and wake up nice and full. Now I have to actually get it all out of the bottle by myself. And if I fall asleep without eating it all - I'm SO hungry when I wake up! I can't complain too much. My "extension cord" is gone and I am free to roll around on the floor as much as I want..... well, that was until......

You know, I love my Mommy so much, but she keeps pulling out these different things that I am not sure I'm so happy about. Like, she used to let me lay on the floor and look at my beautiful quilt. Now, she puts me in jail and my moving space is so limited! She calls it a "play pen" but that is just a cutsie wootsie way of saying "baby jail". I can barely see my sister and can't hardly roll anywhere. She just tosses me in there, throws a pacifier and some rattles at me and leaves me. If I start to fuss, she comes and shoves that passy in my being confined and muzzled is what I'm wanting. Sigh. Guess I'm just gonna have to learn how to use these cute feet and hands of mine so I can plan my escape from the baby jail.

Grama and Grampa came to visit yesterday. Well, I thought it was a visit but all of a sudden, Mommy, Daddy and Sissy all disappeared! I don't know where they went. And who are this Grama and Grampa anyway. Who is to say they can be trusted with such a cute, delicate baby as myself? I wonder did Mom check out their resume? The woman - also known as Grama, kind of sounds like Mommy, and she kind of looks like her (if I close one eye, cock my head to the left and really squint the other eye and use a LOT of imagination)....but she can't fool me. I could smell my Mommy out of a post-Thanksgiving sale at Walmart. And does Mommy know that the old man squeezes and pinches and tickles this much? One good thing, he has a noticeable smell, so I know when he's close. I could smell him all the rest of the night, so I kept my eyes peeled waiting for him. The smell did seem to fade a little after my super fun dip in the baby Siefker pool (aka bath). Mommy, Daddy and Sissy all came back (finally) and all was good. I guess it wasn't so bad with Grama and Grampa - I could see doing that again next year. :)

Love to all,

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fun Stuff

I have learned a new trick. It is called a laugh. Not just the simple noise that you make when you smile sometimes, but kind of. You smile real big and then a noise comes out, and then it doesn't stop. It just keeps going and going. Especially if I am looking at my sister. She always makes me laugh. She is always saying and doing all sorts of silly things. The other day, she wasn't being silly..she was BEAUTIFUL! She kept running around the house saying Happy Halloween Harvest Party, so it must have been a super special day. She was dressed like a princess. I don't mean her ordinary pretty clothes she wears every day - or even her Sunday best....this was shimering, flowing, poofy - the real thing! She was Cinderella. And O So Beautiful!! She was dancing around the house like she was waltzing with Prince Charming. Then she'd just stop and take a look at herself and smile. I am sure she felt so pretty. :)

Well, I think I am doing better with this eating and breathing thing. Mommy has started adding something new to my bottle that makes it a little thicker, but it is still smooth. It seems to help me eat a little better. I sure hope that I figure this out soon. Mommy has gotten good at putting that tube back in (which I hate!), so yanking it out of my nose isn't such a good idea. I thought if Mommy was home alone, that I'd get some relief until Daddy got home to help, but yesterday, she recruited my sister. Sigh....guess I'll just have to learn how to live with the silly tube for now.

I have found a couple new things. One is this black, furry thing that walks around the house. She also makes some funny noises. I don't think she is my sister, but she is always here. She won't let me touch her yet, but she sure looks soft. I also found out that I too have feet!! You know what that means? I'm gonna be able to walk and dance like Sissy! Woohoo! I have been practicing. And, if I say so myself, I'm pretty good at this stepping thing. Only one problem, I'm heavy! It is hard to hold my round body up. I mean even sitting, which is really only half of my body. I guess it is the bigger half, including that squishy belly Mommy loves (she tells me that all the time). The doctor said I was in the 97th percentile for weight and length - that's a lot to hold up! The other day, Mommy's friend was over and helping me sit up....well, she wasn't helping much and next thing you know, I'm seeing knees! I was folded in half. I started grunting and making noises so she'd notice, and she just kept on talking. Finally Mommy noticed and asked her to set me up more. She saved me (again)! :)

Oh, and a shout out to Grandpa Siefker for his birthday! I don't know how old he is but Sissy guessed him at 44 since he's gotta be older than Daddy. :)

Love to all,

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I love my Mommy so much!

I just love my Mommy so much! I don't think she understands how much, so I feel like I need to show her (hard to tell her since I am having difficulties making this tongue of mine form words yet). One way I show her is by flashing her these gorgeous, big, bright smiles (that's right, I know how great they look, I've seen them in my mirror). Another way I show her how much I love her is that I always want to be with her. I know she must be so sad when she is away from me and I even think she must be a little disoriented - so I holler out as loud as I can so she can find her way back to me. I keep this up until I see her again, and then I reassure her with another one of my flashy smiles.

One thing I don't understand is how she can go all night without seeing my beautiful face or squeezing my squishy belly (she says she loves that). I know she is over there in her big, fancy, comfy bed - so in the wee hours of the morning (when I know she is too tired to wake up for good), I start fussing just a little. Not enough to make her worry or wake up for good. But just a little fussing to let her know how much I miss her. You know what happens don't you.... That's right, she comes and gets me. I hear the rip / tear of the velcro that holds me on the hill that I sleep on and then she puts me next to her in her big, comfy bed - right on her pillow. She leaves my arm bands on, but I don't mind. I can reach farther with them and am able to gently hold her neck with my hands (think gentle hug, not strangle). As she slips farther away (I'm sure this is not on purpose), I wiggle even closer to make sure she knows I love her so.

This morning, much to my dismay, I awoke, felt beside me and the squishy mound next to me wasn't the usual cotton Tshirt material - scratch, scratch - it was 600 thread count bedding! My Mommy wasn't there! Agghhhh!! I began to holler out for her. She must have slept walked and gotten lost! Agghhhhh!! And, just like always, she came in and scooped me up. She found me.

I sure do love my Mommy.

Monday, October 26, 2009


What a wonderful time of year!! The leaves are so pretty - and some are even my favorite color - RED!! We get to run around outside and run through the leaves. They make a fun crunching sound. Even Blacky loves to run and jump in a pile of leaves. There is one danger though - walnuts. Daddy makes me put on my bicycle helmet to play on the swingset because it is right under a walnut tree. I think I look silly, but safety first! :)
This weekend was so much fun. Daddy and Mommy were both home almost all weekend long. We got to carve pumpkins and go on a hay ride. I even got to spend some time with my best friend (and cousin) in the entire world. And, because he is a super smarty pants and got on the honor roll, Mommy treated us to a trip at the Bounce Planet. It was SUPER FUN!! We are so lucky! I just kept hugging Mommy's leg and telling her how much I loved her. And can you believe that in between all that extra fun, we found time for some uno? What a wonderful weekend... here are some pictures that Mom took:

This one was my favorite - it looked like you were underwater. I even convinced Mommy and Aunt Rachel to go in it and down the big slide. Cole said that he got squished against the wall - Mommy said it was because she eats too much candy corn (giggle). I think I might eat too much candy corn too....wait, is that possible?

Here are Cole and Aunt Rachel getting off the underwater one. :)

My best friend in the whole wide world! I don't even care that he is a boy.


Can you even believe I climbed this big "rock wall" by myself? Mom was nervous!!

Yeah, that's right - you're cool!


Close up of me going down the slide...

Baby E didn't have much fun - but I do think she liked looking at all the bright colors. :)

Here I am carving the inside "gunt" out of the pumpkin. It is so gross!! Daddy says he wants to keep the seeds and cook them. You have to cook them before you can eat them or else you'll have a pumpkin tree growing in your belly - ya know.

Here are me & Mommy putting the dots on the pumpkin. Then she takes the little knife and connects the dots - SO COOL! My job is to push the pieces out after she makes the cuts. I have such strong fingers. :)

Here they are! Piglet and Happy Hal. I am showing off my little purse and my exercise hat - it is just a head band but I like to call it a hat. I wear it when I am exercising around the living room (which includes running and doing great jumps and twirls to music). Here they are in the dark. :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This thing they call love. What a strange and wonderful thing it is. I love my Mommy, Daddy and sister so much already and I was wondering the best way to show them - you know, I can't really just go out to Hallmark and get cards. So, I heard Mommy talk about how her love language (so many languages, so little time...) was acts of service. How wonderful! That is something I can be sure to provide - ways for her to serve me. So yesterday, I started the day off with a big ole stinky poopy diaper while she was feeding me, and, you guessed it, it leaked out all over my jammies. We had to go to the library for sissy and then to Target to try a different brand of diapers (hmmmm, I wonder why?)....on the way home, my ng tube cap came loose and I leaked out all my stomach fluid into my carseat. Mommy didn't look so happy, but it was another opportunity for her to serve me. I just wanted to show her how much I love her. That afternoon, in the new diapers she got, I pooped again. I must have held my bum in just the right way because it leaked out too! Man, I'm awesome at this love thing!! This time, I got a bath - even more service for my dear Mommy. :) I showed her how much I loved her by smiling and laughing at her as much as I could during the changing, cleanup and bath process. That night, while Daddy was watching me, I pulled a fast one and pulled that tube out of my nose. Sweet relief!!! Well, at least for a second. Mommy must have thought that was a real loving gesture because she got real quiet for a long time, had some watery eyes, and then jabbed that tube back into my nose (which didn't feel so loving to ME).

Maybe someday when I'm a Mommy, I'll understand why Mommy loves to scrape the poopy off of my back (because it just sounds icky to me now), but for now, I'll just keep on giving Mommy ways to serve me so she knows how much I care. :)

PS. I have a new trick. Even with the silly arm bands on (and silly is putting it mildly), I have learned to roll from my tummy to my back. This is great, except for one problem - you guessed it. It is the arm bands. They are in the way and my arm gets stuck under me when I roll on it (hey, I know what you're thinking and it has nothing to do with my round belly). Oh - this makes me SO mad!! I just don't care for the arm bands all the way around. Mommy says it is to keep me from pulling out my tube out. Call me Houdini - because I have figured out how to wiggle out of the arm bands as well. Mom is SO excited when she sees that trick. She always comes running with a look of surprise. I just flash her my gummy smile. :-D

Love to all - E2

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Job

Ok, so I have figured out that it is my job to present a challenge to my dear Mommy as much as I can. So, I am determined to do anything I can to not let her plan anything. It turns out that Mommy has these idols called control and self-sufficiency. That means she loves things like schedules and being able to handle things all on her own. Well, I am here to help her change all that. I am like her Moses and am helping her tear down her golden calf named "control". tee hee hee!

So, I am not going to get on any particular sleeping or feeding schedule. Even when I heard that doctor tell Mommy that I had to be fed every 3 hours in the tube, I have her change that from every 2 to 2 1/2 hours. NEVER 3 hours - are you kidding? That would give her time to plan to do something outside the home. I like to have her under my thumb (giggle). I hear her tell people from time to time that I am sleeping through the night for her. Well, I couldn't let her plan on a good nights sleep yet either - so I started waking up and teasing her to make her think that I was going to pull my tube out (which I just might - I hate that thing, especially when I'm sleeping). I grunt and moan and struggle to get my arms out of my swaddle -- man, she is quick! She is up out of that bed faster than I can spit my passy out tightening up that swaddle. It sure is hard to get one over on her -- but she is still awake - no full nights sleep in this plan. :)

My other favorite thing to do to rock her world is wait until she gets good and settled in the feeding process (which I might add -is difficult to stop once you start) and fill my diaper....and I don't really mean fill - I mean OVER fill. Big ole, smooshy, stinky, burn the hair in your nose, leak out and fill up my footies kind of full. The kind that when she changes me, she sqeals about germs and poop up on her elbows. I am just laughing and smiling cause I think it is hilarious!
One thing I have been doing has kind of back fired on me. I have gotten really good at pulling my tube out. I just wiggle my fingers up by my nose and pretend to rub my eyes or put my hands in my mouth, then I take one lil finger and put it on the tube between the tape and my nose and WA-LA! Sweet freedom! You should see the look on Mommy's face when she sees what I've done. Kind of a mix between being sad and mad and sad. I think she is more sad than anything because, as it turns out, she has to rip tape off my face and eventually put the silly tube back in (ugh). This has backfired because now she puts me in these blue arm bands so that I can't bend my elbos. I hate them - I know hate is a strong word but this is a very strong feeling I have. I HATE them! The only thing they are good for is batting Mommy or Sissy in the face (I have to admit, that is pretty fun). I miss the taste of my fingers so much!

She always tells me it is a good thing God made me so cute..... I wonder why she would say a thing like that (giggle).


Saturday, October 10, 2009

October - so far

Hello -

I have discovered something. I cannot believe it has taken me this long to figure out that every place we go has a restroom. My Mom always tells me to go potty before we leave because she doesn't know if the place we are going (wherever that may be - store, restaurant, friends house) has a bathroom. It turns out - they ALL do! And they are all different. So, I have made it my goal, despite what my dear Mother has said, to find and visit them all! Mom always says that all toilets are disgusting - and altho some bathrooms are pretty and cute (especially the one at the toy store - very nice!) - some are stinky! Some even look like the last person may have "missed" when they went poop (yeah, that's what I said - poop) and got it all over the toilet. So, even though my Mom always gives me a disappointed look and has to drag the baby into the (as she says) germ infested room....I am now an explorer (just call me Dora) and my mission is to discover all the different restrooms everywhere we go.

I am getting pretty good at sitting quietly in the backseat. When I was a little girl - ya know, last week - I would sing and talk really loudly and Mom was always asking me to use my inside voice and be a little quieter. It turns out, this IS a good idea, especially if Mom is on the phone or Dad is in the car. I can hear interesting things. Plans they are making for fun trips to the store, things they want to buy me, how much of a great kid I am, how much Dad doesn't like other cars in his way, how Mom needs to exercise more and eat less candy corn (her words not mine - I'd NEVER say that!). There is only one problem. I think they are on to me. Mom & Dad started talking in a way that I can't necessarily follow. It is getting harder and harder to know what they are talking about - but I know one thing. If they are talking this way - something REALLY FANTASTIC must be coming my way! I can't wait!!! This week it sounds like I might be going someplace during the day since Mom has to spend so much time with E2 - I hope it is a play date! I love those. Especially with my friend, Eli. He loves to play prince and save me (the Princess) from the tower. He also is teaching me how to play baseball. You should have seen the look on Mom's face when I told her we went around the bases. She was SO surprised she couldn't even talk. Mom must love baseball too. ;)

Love to all,

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Constant Itch

Ok, so I think I took the fits about eating a little too far. Next thing you know, Mommy and Daddy have me in this white room, bed that looks like a jail, I'm wearing stripes and there's a big bright white light. A man and woman (calling themselves "nurses") come in and a muttering to each other and looking at me in this jail bed. They drop the rails, tilt my head back and jam this tube down my throat - AHHHHHH! This is almost as bad as when they took me out of Mommy (oh, it was so warm and cozy in there - those were the days)!! Cough, gag - what in the world!!

I think I blacked out - it was so bad! Now, all I know is that I don't have to mess with that bottle anymore. I have a magic pacifier! Mommy puts it in my mouth and then starts fiddling with this other stuff (one of which looks like a bottle, but she never puts it in my mouth) and WALA! I start feeling full. Magic pacifier!

But I still have this funny feeling in my nose, like a constant itch that needs to be scratched. So early this morning, I broke free of that stinking swaddle hold Mommy puts me in all night long (she's obsessed with that swaddle too - she even wakes in the night just to come tighten me down more - torture! can't a girl sleep with her arms above her head for a change?)..... after I quietly had gotten my one arm out, I took the chance to scratch my nose that had been bothering me all night long. Wait, what's that? Why - there's something in there! I thought I'd save my Mommy the trouble of getting me clean in the morning so I gave it a little yank - cough, gag, cough, blegch, gack, cough, sputter.....SWEET RELIEF! The itch is GONE! O glorious day! Mommy was instantly in my face and untangling my hands. I think she was delighted to see how talented I am. That's right Mommy, I got skills!

Next thing you know, Mommy & Daddy have me on the floor with the same sort of tools those nurses had. What's that? Gag, cough, sputter, gag - Mommy, I thought you loved me?

The itch is back. :( Mom says 5 1/2 more weeks, so the countdown begins...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I have found these things on my body - Mommy calls them "hands". They are WONDERFUL! I can grab my blankie or spitty and pull it up by my face. I can slap the bottle away when I don't want it. I am even getting pretty good at putting my pacifier in and out of my own mouth - that's right, I got skills. The best thing about these hands - they taste good!! Just like my own personal lollipop. There is only one problem with them - they seem to get fuzzy. Mommy says it is because I'm always holding on the blankies, but they get some fuzz between the fingers. And, I think my family might just be like a pack of monkeys we saw at the zoo because Mommy pulls my fingers apart and then my big Sis picks out the fuzz. Mommy told her to put the fuzz in the trash, but I'm pretty sure I saw her taste it (just like the monkey ate the bugs they picked off their friends).

The other thing these hands are good for is to play hide and seek. My big sister loves to play this game and now I see why. It is great! Mommy puts me in my bouncie seat and when she isn't looking, I take my blankie and pull it up over my face and then peek out over the top. Mommy comes into the room and can't find me anywhere. I can't help but smiling a humongous smile and she spots me. :-D

Mommy told me that today I am 3 months old. Time sure flies when you're having fun. I don't know what this family ever did before I was here because now they are always doing stuff for me (so the other stuff was obviously not that important). I think they needed a bundle of joy just like me to fill all that free time they obviously had. :)

Love to all - E2

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Starting School

Ok, so I was a little nervous when Mom said we were starting school last week, but it turns out that this school thing is great! Mom and I read many books together (some she reads and some I read). The ones that she reads, she always asks me a lot of questions to see if I'm paying attention - and we all know how I hate to not know the answers -- so I make sure to pay extra special attention so I can answer anything she asks me. :) I am also learning more Bible verses and handwriting. I think this week we may study the change in seasons since Mom says it is officially Fall. I thought it was fall a long time ago because the leaves were falling out of the trees already.

Did you know that I am the Uno champ? Ok, maybe not the champ because Mom has so many lucky days, but I LOVE to play. My favorites are all the skip and draw cards. Daddy and I get into Draw 2 battles. :)

My sister still has good days and bad days. But, on her good days, she is getting more and more fun. She has tummy time and loves to look around (especially at her beautiful sister) and she laughs and smiles at me all the time. I can tell, she wants to be just like me when she is 4.

Well, I need to go and exercise. I found out how important it is on Sid the Science Kid and now I need to do it all the time. I still need breaks for water in order to get my energy back, but then I jump right back up and dance around the living room (usually to my favorite song - Barbara Ann). :)

Love to all,

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Natural Born Saint

Good Morning! What a beautiful day this is - and do you know the best part? I figured out that I am a natural born Saint! How did I figure that out. Well, you see, Mom and I read about Adam and Eve in the garden and how they sinned. God told them they could eat from any tree they wanted except for one. And what happened....they sinned. Eve ate the fruit and then Adam ate it too. Then what was the first thing they did as sinners? They ran and hid because they were naked and ashamed. This is where my logic starts. I LOVE to be naked and am not ashamed of it at all. In fact, I'd be naked all the time if my Mommy would let me. Why, just last night, she said to clean up my toys because it is bathtime and I not only was a perfect child and picked up my toys.... I showed up in her bedroom naked and all ready for a bath. :) So you see, I'm a natural born Saint who loves to prance around in the skin God gave me - and I'm not ashamed at all (giggle).

My logic does kind of have a problem when I think about the verse that I am learning this week for school. All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Rom 3:23). Ok, so I guess I am a sinner too - but I still like to be naked.

Just the other night, I was eating at the big kitchen table and Mommy was feeding E2 in the living room (but I could still see her). I asked her if she'd like it if I were unselfish all the time. She said of course. I said, "Well, that can't happen because I'm a sinner." She assured me that she is a sinner too and that is why we need Jesus in our hearts.

I have a play date with my great friends today! I'm so excited!!!

Love to all - E1

Saturday, September 12, 2009


What a great day we had yesterday! It was a Friday and Daddy stayed home with us to go to the Indianapolis Zoo (I know that's what its called cuz Mom looked it up on the computer). I finally finished my new food chart (30 new foods - well, really 29 since Mom counted chicken and rice for 2 spots since I ate it so good) and I got to go to the zoo and ride the roller coaster!!! The only problem is, it turns out Mom was right. Roller coasters are fast and I must be like Mom - I didn't like going that fast. It was all good until we got to the top of that hill (which I'm pretty sure was as big as Mount Everest) - then can you believe, we dropped straight down - and zoomed around a corner at top speeds! I just kept saying, 'no, no, no, no' - but they didn't listen because we kept going around (3 times to be exact). So after that experience, my favorite ride was the carousel. Nice and slow, up and down, around and around. I rode it twice. I sat on a dolphin both times because after the dolphin show, I LOVE dolphins!. Evelyn liked the lights and music at the dolphin show, but those trainer's whistles scared her. I can't believe that the dolphins can jump out of the water that high! I think I want to be a trainer when I grow up - I even practiced a few of the hand signals. I'm a natural! ;)

My favorite animal (besides the dolphin) was the giraffe. I was going to feed it but then Mom said to watch how it gets the food out of your hand, so I did. It has a super duper long stick icky tongue - and its black! YUCK! So, I just got close and watch them while the other kids fed the giraffe. The penguins were pretty cool too. I loved to watch them swim under the water!

When we got back in the car, I assured Mommy & Daddy that I was NOT tired....but then my eyelids got SO heavy.
Here - E2 wants to say something....
You know what I did the whole time? Slept. Mom said I was too small to ride the rides (which unlike my big "Sissy", I wouldn't be scared! Bring em on!) - so I just slept. And that bit about being scared of the trainer's whistle at the dolphin show.... I wasn't scared. I just felt an uncontrollable urge to do flips and blow bubbles. It was hard to keep from showing off and stealing the show from those dolphins. Mom said the place was pretty germy too, so I just felt like it'd be a good day to take a nap outside and enjoy the fresh air! Although, when we got home, I let her know how disappointed I was that I couldn't ride the Kombo Coaster.....
Love from both of us - E1 and E2