Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sprinkler Park

I have to admit, I was wrong. Mommy kept on saying that we were going to play in the water at the park and I insisted that she was wrong by wanting to get in the car. I just KNEW what she meant to do was get buckets of water and take them to OUR park (playset). I didn't understand why I had to put this thing she called a swimming suit on (I wanted to just be in the super cool Nemo diaper - and that's it), and I really didn't understand why I couldn't wear my click clack princess high heels with my swimming suit. But, she was right, I was wrong. The park she meant was down the road a little bit and it was SUPER DUPER FUN!!!! Just look at the pictures and the video (click here for video) (many apologies for the horribe wind noise, you might want to turn the volume down) and see for yourself.

 E1 and her instant BFF (Elizabeth in the blue suit) at the park.

 I am not picking my nose here, honest.
 See, Mommy got a close up to prove it was just an itch on the OUTSIDE of my nose.

 E2 and - who's that, E3 (Elizabeth) making butt prints.

Just got sprayed in the face with water...not nice!

 And we finished the day off with some ice cream cones (yes, again). I see now why Mommy loves summer so much.

Summer fun begins!

What a great day yesterday turned out to be!!!  Grama and Grampa Siefker came up and we had a cookout with the yummiest food EVER (watermelon and strawberries) !! I even got to eat outside and feed myself. It was WONDERFUL!! Then after a quick nappy (I was SO tired that I instantly fell sleep), we went for a bike ride to the park. Sissy played in the sprinklers, but I thought the water was COLD, BRRRRR!! After that, we to play for a long time out in the yard on our park (playset) and with buckets and buckets of water. Mom did put me to work a little bit watering her flowers, but I was happy to "howl" (help). Then, you'll never believe what we were surprised with. I have never had something so yummy in all my life. ICE CREAM CONES!! I even got to hold it all by myself. Oh, it was DELIGHTFUL - that cold, creamy, sweet ice cream (dairy free - mine was Almond Dream Vanilla and Sissy had Coconut Dream Cherry Amaretto). My taste buds were screaming - WOOHOO!!

I hope your summer has started off just as wonderful as ours did.
((hugs)) E2

Friday, May 27, 2011

Last day of Kindergarten

It is officially the last day that I will be a Kindergartner!!!  I'm so excited!!! Can you tell? Not that I don't love school, but I'll be SO happy when Mom doesn't have to remind me to finish my school work when all I want to do is go play outside. God sure made it a yucky, rainy morning for the last day of school - I am SURE that is so I will finish and not want to play outside instead. :) 

Here are a couple of pictures of me holding my certificate and I'm sitting next to the pile of books that I got to enjoy this year. That doesn't even include the books I read from the library (they wanted those back so other kids could read them). I am sure that Mom will have some things for us to learn this summer, but I know it won't be as much stuff as during the school year. She told me to enjoy summer while it is here because she has a LOT of stuff planned for first grade. Bring it on, Mama! I'm ready! 

Mom had me write two final sentences and wanted me to share them with you. 

"When I grow up I want to be an astronot, archeologust and mom."

"My favorite thing about K was reading!"

Mom said she's sure happy it is the last day of school, too. Not sure what she's complaining about when I did all the work.

E1, Official First Grader

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Night Night

Sometimes, my lil sister just makes me laugh. Other kids, you know what they like to play? Thinks like dolls, babies, legos, dinosaurs, ball....you know, all that "reguro" stuff (Pollard slang for "regular old")? Not my little sister. She likes to play "BE" (pronounced Be with a short e - it is bed without the "d"). She loves - I mean LOVES, to turn the lights out, get in MY bed, watch my birdie light, read books and cuddle with her Peebee (Penny the penguin).  She does this nearly every day, sometimes more than once. Oh, and she gets so upset if anyone wants to be in the same room and needs to have the light on. She fires up out of that bed and races over to stand on the stool (that she always has by the light switches because she also loves to turn the lights on and off) and turn the light back off. "DAIR!", (there) she will exclaim.

You know the really funny part about that? When it actually IS time to go to bed, she's terrible! She stays awake playing and laughing and crying and needing a drink of water. Yesterday during her nap, Mom said when she went in there (bacause E2 was crying), her leg was stuck between the slats of the crib. Yes, go ahead and laugh that her chubby little leg, with all of it's cute little rolls, got stuck. Laugh it up! Then, when it was time for us both to go to bed last night, somehow she got her leg hiked up over the side of the crib by the wall and proceded to scream because, again, it was stuck. That time Mom had to call for Dad to come help because she couldn't hold E2 up and pull the crib away from the wall at the same time. Unfortunately for E2, there wasn't much sympathy from Mom at that point. She was HOT! Probably a combination of the fact that it was 9:15 pm (and Mom put her in bed at 7:50 pm) and fear that she might break her neck if she falls out of her crib. I'm not sure what Mom has planned, but I bet she changes something today. Hopefully that doesn't mean I have to sleep in the crib and E2 gets my big girl bed.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wee wee (pretty)

Oh, I figured out how Mommy gets to be so "wee wee" (pretty) each day. I knew she must have some secret because I have seen her in the night - and I'm tellin' ya, she's not lookin so hot....just sayin'. Anyway, before I get my little self into some trouble......    I caught her in the bathroom the other day and she pulled out this little black baggie full of "stuff" she was putting on her face. Note to self - check that out later.

So, I did. Mommy left the bathroom and went to the kitchen to bang things around (She does that a lot. Sometimes we end up with something yummy to eat. Other times, there is just a mess of bubbles and suds on the floor), so I had my chance to check out that black baggie. I found all kinds of cool things in there. Some fancy brushes to tickle my face with. Some powdery stuff that I wasn't sure where to put. Then I found it....JACKPOT! The tube of black stuff she put on that made her eyes just stand out. The only problem is that it must be the wrong size for my little hands or something because when I tried to put it on, I had it EVERYWHERE! On my hands, on my cheeks, in my hair. It had a little brush on it and Mommy usually brushes my hair, so I just got all kinds of confused! Blech! I hate yucky stuff on me. So when she came in with "that look" (you know what look I'm talking about - you were little once - and I know you got in trouble at least once)....I had to quickly plead innocent and complain about HER MAKEUP getting me all messy. What was she thinkin' leaving that stuff down here where little kids can get into it. That Mommy is SO irresponsible some times.

Now, each time I see her putting on that tube of black stuff - I warn her - "BLECH!" She had better be careful with that. It can easily get out of hand and make a mess. Probably not the look she's goin' for.


Monday, May 16, 2011


E1 exclaimed, "Roman numbers are so FRUSTRATING for little kids!"

E2 loves to reply "huh" to almost everything you say. I guess she is practicing to be a teenager (over-achiever).

Mom to E1: "Even though I am having to discipline you a lot and you are just a little sinner and I am a big sinner, you know I love you and wouldn't trade you for anything!"
E1, "Awww, Mom. I wouldn't trade you for anything either."
Mom, "Oh, you'd probably trade me for something like banana chocolate chip pancakes or something."
E1, "No I wouldn't. I'd just have you make them."

E1 is supposed to be doing her copy work for the day, and she hands a paper to Mom and says, "Here, Mom. I made a little math worksheet for you to work while I am doing my copy work. I'll let you know if you get the right answers when I am done."

Saturday, May 14, 2011

In case you missed it....

That last post had a video link with it, so if you missed it, then click here to see the video of the power wheelin' adventure.

Powerwheel Fun

Oh, I had forgotten how much fun it was to ride around in the Jeep! Wow, the wind in my face, bugs in my teeth, waving at the neighbors and passing cars (like a princess), and feeling the white-knuckle grip that E2 has on my knee - nothing like it, I tell you! I have no idea what she is so scared of because I am an excellent driver.  But, it must not be too scary because she still gets back in for more and more "wide" (rides).

This morning when we were on the deck, I thought that E2 was hurt because she let out a huge scream. After I declared my innocence at top volume so all would know I didn't do anything, we figured out what happened. She had picked up her bucket to play with it and inside was a tree frog. I am not sure what the details of their meeting was, but she is convinced that it bit her. I don't know if they even have teeth, but she keeps insisting that it gave her an owie on her finger. She is so silly.

That sister of mine also missed out on some of the bike ride today. She started off ok, but then she fell asleep. She was so tired and Mom thought we could make it back in time to put her to bed. Guess not. But Mom, Dad and me rode our bikes for over 5 miles. Yes, you read that right - I rode over 5 miles, too. I am on the trail-a-bike now and I LOVE it!! It was hard for Mom to center the picture because we were riding down the road at the time. :)  I hope you had as great of a Saturday as we have had! ((hugs)) E1

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More water fun

Mom went to Target today and surprised us with a new water sprinkler - you know, since it is so HOT and the sprinkler parks aren't open yet. It is wonderful! It has all these snake like sprayers - of course, they are a little frustrating because they don't all want to cooperate and stay up like they are supposed to. I practiced and practiced all sorts of fancy dances - like the happy dance, the spiderman-charlie dance - you know, all that fancy stuff. It requires a lot of grace and spinning and of course, screaming. Oh, and it also requires Mom to say "BRAVO, BRAVO"  at the end of the dance while I bow. I think E2 was a little scared of the water (maybe it had something to do with my screaming with joy when Mom turned it on), but she was happy playing with cups and buckets of water on the porch. Of course she would. That is the kind of thing I did when I was a toddler, too. But now that I'm such a BIG KID.....

I hope you are finding ways to stay cool on these hot days. If nothing else, get a bucket and put your feet in it to soak. :)


Like summer!

That's right, yesterday was such a great day and it felt like SUMMER! We had such a great day playing outside. In the morning, we played at our park and went "WEE" (swinging). Then after I woke up from nap (I'm not really sure what Mommy and Sissy did while I was napping, but I am sure it was boring and not worth mentioning), it was a LOT hotter, so Mommy brought out some buckets of water to play with - SO FUN! I had forgotten how much fun it is to play with water on the deck! I played for hours out there! 

Here is Sissy trying to show me how to properly play with the water. She is always so, um, what's the word, helpful (?).

When Mommy took my undershirt off, I took the opportunity to run away and insist on a little shirtless time. Mom eventually said I had to put my shirt on when Sissy wanted to take her shirt off. I love to be naked!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

What a morning!

What a morning this has been?!?!? I have learned how to talk on the phone (talked to both Daddy and Sissy). I even learned how to open the door - you know the kind with that round door knob that is so tricky to open. I am getting so big (and don't mind saying so myself)! Here is a video of me talking on the phone with Sissy - she did most of the talking, but I am such a GOOD listener! I did manage to get in a couple of words, but that's tough with Sissy around (no offense).


Picture Time!

Can you believe there are less than 4 weeks of school left? It is sure hard for ME to believe!! I don’t know what Mom has planned for us this summer, but I bet it’s gonna be fun! Below are some pictures Mom has taken of us lately. I thought you might want to see them. J There is also a video link (click here) of us eating dinner with Mom (Dad is out hunting, so he isn’t there). Mom gets E2 to say some funny things, and I’m pretty darn cute, too. J

Here is E2 all dolled up - which is pretty normal for her. She is quite the fancy Nancy.

 And, whenever Mom is taking a picture of E2, I like for her to snap a picture of me as well. :) Mom always tells me to Smile, but I just don't think smiling is my thing. Would you agree?

 This is one of the many benefits of being homeschooled - I can do my reading Outside on pretty days! Even though we haven't had too many of those this spring, I have soaked up as much Vitamin D as I can (and Mom is right beside me).

Here we are coloring. Look at the wonderful form E2 has with the crayon. She has Perfect Form!