Monday, August 30, 2010

Quick House Update

This week is going to be so busy. Mom says we are having ducks installed tomorrow (I am wondering what on Earth we are going to do with ducks in the new bedroom - maybe it is decoration?). We are also having a new front door put in, bricks put on the addition and maybe even lights installed. How exciting! I am missing my old room so much and I am so nervous for the new room. That E2 is a noisy sleeper. I am not sure how it is going to work out sharing a room with her. Pray some more for me please. ((hugs)) E1

Thursday, August 26, 2010

House Update

This is my first night sleeping in the same room as E2. Pray for me. I really want to be quiet so she doesn't wake up, but I rEaLLy want HER to be quiet so that I don't wake up. Not that I need anymore beauty sleep - we all know I'm gorgeous enough already - I just need to rest my brain a lot now that I have school. Rest is just as important for your brain as exercise is for your muscles. Speaking of rest, I'd better get to bed.
Love to all - E1
PS. Here are some updated pictures of the fabulous job that Mr Shepherd and his helpers are doing on the house.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Picture TIme

I love to read - ok, I don't really "read" yet, but I sure love to sit down with a book (sometimes even those fancy books Mommy & Daddy like to read without any pictures) and just flip through the pages. There is so much to see and imagine in a book. They are fascinating! I see why my Sissy loves to look at all of them so much. They're awesome! Especially this one about underpants from Great Grandma - those are the fanciest diapers I have EVER seen! I wish my Mommy'd get me some of those! I'd show them to everyone! Hee hee!

Here is me and my best gal pal (also known as Sissy) sitting in our favorite Tigger chair. It is truly amazing how when I sit alone in this chair - it seems to fit me so well. But when she sits in it (and she is a tiny bit bigger than I am), it fits her perfectly as well. And then when we BoTh sit in it - we fit even more perfectly. I think Tigger just loves to have friends sit in his lap and he makes room. Oh, the love of sharing sisters! We sound perfectly lovely, don't we? Truth be told, it is MY chair and Sissy puts her big fanny in it all the time and won't move, so I beep beep beep back up to the chair and plop down and MAKE room. :) Sometimes, I even smash down the back of the chair on top of her to push her out of it. She's too big!

I know....I'm selfish. I'm a toddler. What else do you expect?

((hugs)) E2

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Monday, August 16, 2010

I knew 5 would be great!

My birthday party wasn't actually on my birthday this year - but 2 days before. It was a great party! We made beaded bracelets, ate cupcakes and ice cream (mine was coconut milk of course), opened presents and then went to the splash park. What a great time!! Thanks to all my friends and family for making me feel special. I am such a blessed little girl. :)

Ft Wayne's Childrens Zoo - where a kid can be a kid and actually see and touch all kinds of things (well, with lots of germ gell). This is a drinking fountain, in the lion's mouth. How awesome is that?! This is a great zoo! I had such a stufabulous birthday. Thank you Daddy & Mommy! 
Sea Lions
Brushing the goats -they loved it (me 2)!
African Journey. It was hot, but not as hot as Africa (thank goodness!)
Lion! Wow -he's close!
What's in here?
Giraffes. There were even some baby giraffes -so cute!

Daddy and me on the carousel - yes, Daddy is ON an animal on the carousel. :)
Have I told you that I love my Daddy? He's awesome!
Hanging out with the apes. :)
Log ride through the Australian Outback. We saw dingos, kangaroos and black swans.
Cheese - on the train ride. :)

I think she was trying to make the same sound as the train. Silly baby!

Friday, August 13, 2010

BaTh TiMe

Mom came out after putting baby E to bed and showed Daddy and I some cute pictures of the baby in the bath. I got to thinkin', I'm pretty cute in the bath as well, so Mom ought to take some pictures of me. So I showed her a fancy trick of how I can make the water go from one cup to another (I told her it was super fancy, but it really is pretty simple for a girl like me) and told her that it was SO fancy that she ought to take a picture. Once she showed me the picture, I asked her to go show Daddy because I was so cute (just like the baby). I love baby E and all, but it does kind of rub me the wrong way how everyone is always saying how cute she is. Well ya know what? I'm cute, too and I'm gonna start telling people. Hmph.
((hugs)) from the cutest E (you heard it here first)

PS. No pictures of the new rooms today since you'll probably see it tomorrow. :)

I can use the sprinkle cups, too.

Oh, that's why you say don't drink the water - cough cough

Apple Picking

I keep begging Mom to get some apples from the store and she keeps telling me that it isn’t time and that they aren’t good ones yet. Well today, we found some good ones – right on the tree! They were Zestars, Paula Reds and Ginger Golds. Mmmm!! They are fantastic! I ate a whole one by myself for lunch. After we finished filling our bag full of apples, we played a little on the ship they have. It was fun! What a great suggestion that Mrs J had for us to pick apples today. It was hot, but SO worth it! I overheard Mrs J tell Mommy that she likes to warm up the apples with a little cinnamon. I sure hope Mom does it because I sure love cinnamon. What a great “day-before-my-birthday-party”! I even got to taste one of the tester cupcakes today. I thought they were fabulous! Mom says they need a little improving, though. That’s ok. I’ll be glad to help taste the next batch as well.
Love to all


Thursday, August 12, 2010

We have walls!

Talk about being able to visualize the new room - we now have walls! Woohoo! I can't wait. Tomorrow - they will start on the roof part (rafters) and Monday (which is my birthday if you didn't already know) they will start roofing it. This is going by much faster than we first imagined. Thank the good Lord for all the blessings we have received! ((hugs)) E1

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Fun Times

What a great summer we are having! We have been swimming two times this week and I see that Mom has apple picking on the calendar for Friday. Woohoo! I have been coloring and crafting so much that Mom says I'm a little artist now. She said I should be since there are a bunch of other artists in the family. She said it is in our jeans - but I was wearing a dress at the time - and I don't care much for pants, so I'm not sure how that works. I think I paint just as well in a dress as I do my jeans. Silly Mommy. Here are some fun pictures of me and baby, I mean Toddler E. :)  Love to all - E1

Saying "Eeese"
Fun with Crayola.
Running around in the buff - silly baby loves it!
I'm just glad she had a diaper on when she was sitting at my desk.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Coming right along

Wow! You can actually tell that the new room is going to be a new room now - and it looks like it is going to be a HUGE room! Mom also found out today that they are going to come smashing into my current room NEXT WEEK! We better get my stuff moved out as soon as possible. I've seen the look in the builder's eye - he's just itching to come smashing through the wall. We need to be prepared. Mom and Dad let me walk around on the new floor. It was so fun - although they were pretty nervous about me falling into the basement so I didn't get to stay out there very long. I got one question - where's the roof? And what happens if a bird has to go potty when he is flying over? ICK! At least I know one thing - my Mom will be sure to use some bleach and clean up any messes out there. Good ole Mom, the germaphobe. She wouldn't want me to catch histoplasmosis or anything.   :) Love to all - E1

Looking down the basement stairs (well, almost stairs)

Another looksie down the stairs

A look down the front of the house. Eventually, we will have a fancy front porch with rocking chairs and checker boards - so you feel like you're at Cracker Barrell. :) Oh wait, so that Cracker Barrell feels like home.

Me & Daddy - the love of my life. Too bad he's already taken. I'm sure he's a fantastic husband.
I pray that God brings me a husband who is just as great as my Daddy.