Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Ok, I'm the baby. I'm used to getting all the attention. It turns out - I love it! I love getting the attention and having everyone tell me how super cute I am and how big I'm getting (although I am sure there will be a point in my life when people telling me that I'm SO big won't be a good thing). But you know what - Sissy does some things that steal the attention away from me. She has this game thing she plays called baseball and everyone is watching her and all these other big kids. Not one single person is even looking at me - let alone telling me I'm adorable. A girl can only let this sort of thing go on for so long before she has to take action. So I decided to be impress everyone and start crawling - like real crawling on my hands & knees (not to be confused with grovelling). Not only did I start crawling, I crawled and crawled and crawled (thru the grass even). I was SO far away from Mommy! It did make me a little nervous, but I was out to impress. Mommy came and rescued me but then started looking at Sissy again. Ugh! So, I decided to start standing without holding onto anything! Man, that took some work - in fact, too much work. It was fun, but it made me super nervous to just stand there. So, I decided to start making noise. That'd get attention! The only attention it got was Mommy's and she packed me up and took me home (and left Daddy & Sissy at practice). Man, that didn't work out.

Sissy has a "showcase" next week for her fancy Mary Poppins class. I'll have to figure out how to turn all that attention onto myself. I won't be able to take it with everyone telling her how wonderful she is and completely ignoring me. Maybe I should start walking and really impress them all. :)

Love to all, E2

Saturday, April 24, 2010

What a fun day!

What a fun day today was - even though it was a little rainy and cold! It started off with my first baseball game. We weren't even sure that we would have the game, but it turns out that you CAN play baseball in the rain. I was pretty cold by the end of the hour, but it was SO much fun! I hit the ball and even got the grand slam! It turns out I picked a great number because since I am number one, I get to bat first one inning and then last the next inning. When you bat last, they treat the hit like a grand slam and you get to run all the bases. The only problem with that was the friend that was in front of me has some pretty short legs. Let's just say that she isn't quite as quick as I am and I had to slow down and not pass her. That was SO hard to not pass her and run fast like the wind across the home plate, but I was patient.

Later in teh day, I got to go to my friends birthday party. She turned 5 (how wonderful it would be to be 5!) and had some friends over for a princess party. We made pins and magic wands, we got to play freeze dance and pull the strings on the pinata, and of course, some yummy cupcakes! Best of all, I got to have a huge butterfly painted on my face. I was SO beautiful. Everyone at Chipotle thought I was so cute when we stopped in to pick up dinner. When I got home, Baby E just kept looking and laughing at me. She must have thought I was stunning as well! She has good taste. :)

Well, I am getting a chance to play Wii, so I had better get to playing before Mom changes her mind. Love to all! ((hugs)) E1


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Friday, April 23, 2010

Conner Prairie

I think I told you this once before, but I'll tell you again... I LoVe CoNnEr PrAiRiE! It is so fabulous! We went there today with some of our very good friends and had a great time! We even got to see the balloon up close and it is even more humongous than I thought! So cool! We went today to see the sheep get their haircuts. And boy, they sure needed them! They were all poofy and after they got a good haircut, they were so soft!! You know what else was there? BABIES! Not just Evelyn and Kyle - animal babies! Lambs, baby goats (they're called kids) and baby chicks. I got to pet all of them, except for the lamb who was just born on Tuesday (she was super duper cute, too!) and the baby chicks. I heard Mom say that chickens have a lot of germs and she didn't want it to poo on my hand - and I thought that was pretty good advice, so I didn't even ask to hold them. Then we got to see the loom house (where they make blankets out of the sheep wool) and the Indian wigwams. Then, I went into an old pilrgrim kind of house and a guys was in there talking about skin - animal skin! It was SO interesting! We did get to go inside and play for a little while with the pretend fruits and veggies, but then we had to go home. I was good and didn't cry or anything! I must be doing a good of obeying - maybe I'll get a treat for being so good? Here are some pictures from our super fun morning! Love to all! ((hugs)) E1

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wagon Ride

Mommy decided to pull out the wagon and see if I can sit up in it for rides. Well, I am almost 10 months now so Of CoUrSe I can sit up in the red wagon and go for a ride. I'm so good that I can even ride over the bumpy yard not holding on - or better yet, turned around backwards and gnawing on the seat back. That's right. I've got skills! Here are some pictures of Sissy and me in the wagon today. Mommy thought I should try out this hat - I hated it. I pulled it off everytime she turned around. I tried to gnaw it to bits, but she kept catching me and taking it away (putting it back on my head). Hopefully she isn't insistent on this hat thing, although it sounds like she is. She said I'll miss out on so much fun - like splash parks - if I don't wear my hat. Not sure what those are but they sure sound fun -I LOVE TO SPLASH! I hope you are enjoying your spring days - we sure are! Although, they aren't quite as fun as they were last year at this time, when I was cozied down snug in my "cocoon". ((hugs)) E2

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Video Time!

This is a very funny video of my baby sister and her super funny faces! She is always hollering (which you hear in the first part). Mom says it is because she is cutting teeth, but I think she should already have about a thousand million teeth as much as she hollers - and she only  has 2. Hmmmm, doesn't add up to me. But, after her brief hollering spell, she starts trying to get the camera and making all of her other happy and funny faces. She keeps us laughing, that's for sure (yes, that's me laughing in the background).  ((hugs)) E1

Video of E2

Picture time

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nothing is Safe

I have learned a new trick and this one is wOnDeRfUL! I can (sweat and grunt and toot and then with all my might) pull myself up!! I can get to way more things now. Daddy, Mommy and Sissy all think their stuff is safe if it is on the couch or Sissy’s desk. Not now dearies – I can reach it all! Nothing is safe! Remotes, books, pens, drinks and even the dear sweet polly pockets. You know what else I can do? I can get open those funny boxes Mommy has that have all the toys inside. She just put all of Sissy’s new duplos in one and I dumped it over and used my SheRa strength to get it open. Yeah baby! I am surrounded by beautiful, candy-colored duplos!
I am a little confused though. Mommy and Daddy seem to be happy when they see all of my new tricks – like crawling (like an army soldier) super fast or standing – but they also seem to put up stuff that make it more challenging. I am not sure if they think I just like a challenge or what, but they put up a gate from the living room to the kitchen and they put up all kinds of things to block me from crawling down the hallway to Sissy’s room and the bathroom (my favorite places to be). Today, Mommy even scooted the ottoman in front of the hallway and man, there is no getting through that thing. I even pulled myself up and stood there and I can’t even get over it. Guess I gotta do some more push-ups and get my strength up so that I can muscle that big thing outta my way. I’m one determined little girl.

((hugs)) E2

Thursday, April 8, 2010


We were at the store the other day and Mom had picked out some cute little flowers (she called them pansies). They were really pretty, but just one problem. They were purple and orange. Purple and orange are OK colors, but not my favorite. My favs are Red and Pink - obviously. I told Mom I really wanted some pink or red flowers. She assured me we would have lots of pink flowers really soon and you know what? She was right. The tree right in front of our house is COVERED in pink flowers! It is so pretty, especially first thing in the morning when God shines the light of the sunrise on it. How lucky we are to have such a magnificent tree right in our own front yard!
((hugs)) E1

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fun Day at the Park

HuG, hUg, SqUeEzE, sQuEeZe - Who could be cuter than these?
Oh, we had such a fun day at the PaRk yesterday! We met our cousins there to have a picnic and play. B1 is a big girl like me, but she is 5. How wonderful it will be when I am 5, too! She also said she outgrew her milk allergy. What wonderful hope she has given me! I love that girl! She has a little brother, B2. He is already a year (and some change) old. I know E2 was looking at him like she couldn't wait to be a year old so she could walk and run around the park without Mommy holding her. It was a great time! We went down the big blue slides about ten hundred thousand times. Then B1 was so brave and strong that she climbed the spider web looking thing so high I am sure she had to dodge birds and planes. I am not nearly as brave, so I went as high as my fear would allow me to go - then I'd have to holler for Mom to come save me (which thankfully, she always did). I can't wait to meet them at the park again! I wonder what B1 will wear next time? I hope you enjoyed the BeAuTiFuL spring day that God blessed YOU with, too! Love to all - E1

Me coming out of the big blue slide...
and now B1 coming out of the slide...
Together on the tire swing. That silly Baby Monster didn't want to get in the swing with us.
B2 talking on the phone (I think he was just pretending).

B2 driving the tractor. He's so cool he's gotta wear shades!

Here we are being SO brave!!

Even though she wasn't in the action shots, her sun-kissed cheeks remind us of our fun day (oh, and that Mommy forgot sunscreen - oOpS!).

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Teething is such a terrible thing to have to deal with - especially as a baby. I gnaw. I drool. I fuss. I pull my lips in. Nothing seems to help. Please pray that they come in quickly and that I am out of my misery soon. It has been pretty tough having just two razor sharp teeth on the bottom. My poor gums on the top are tender enough already. Here are some pics that Mommy caught me trying to get some relief.
Hope you had a glorious Easter! Love to all - E2

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