Sunday, September 19, 2010

I have fun too

Just because Sissy gets to leave and do fun things like meet Sid the Science Kid doesn't mean I'm not having fun. I have lots of fun. I am getting really good at climbing and running and rolling. I can almost do a somersault all by myself  now! I still kind of go sideways, but I'll get it soon enough. You know what I'm really good at? Dancing. That's right - I've got rhythm! Here is a video of some dancing and it ends with an assisted somersault. You'll see - now that it's on youtube,
they'll be calling me from America's Got Talent soon enough.

E2 Dancing Video (click here)


Conner Prairie Country Fair

We had such a fun time at Conner Prairie today, even though we didn't stay very long. I got a chance to try a sack race (Click here for video) and even meet Sid the Science Kid. It was great! But H-O-T, hot! Mom said we can go back another time and visit the prairie some other time when it is less crowded and cooler. I also got to try spitting a watermelon seed. I had to take a second look at Mom on that one because spitting a seed out doesn't sound like something she'd let me do.

But, it was a nice break from the otherwise boring weekend. Mom and Dad have been busy painting, painting and more painting, so I have had to play alone. Ho hum. 

Love to all!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Drywall is hung...

The drywall is hung and should be taped and mudded tomorrow -- Woohoo!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

End of the week update

It is the end of a long, long week - oh wait, it was supposed to be a short week, but it has felt sooooo long! It turns out my Mom doesn't think I needed to have a day off of school, so she crammed all the work and fun into the same week. I sure hope this weekend is a little more restful. Anyway, it looks like our new room is coming right along, although not as quickly as I (or Mom) was anticipating. The brick looks great, but it sure took a lot of days of waiting to get the insulation done on the inside. But, we can trust that in all things, God is in control. The inspections passed today and Mom said they will start dry walling on Monday (I guess that is good since I wouldn't want wet walls). So all we have left before the next inpsection is drywall, finish the electric, finish the insulation and prime the walls -- oh and a handrail for down the basement stairs. So maybe by the end of next week we'll be ready for paint? A girl can dream, can't she?

((hugs)) E1

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Here is the latest update on the addition. They started putting the bricks on yesterday and they seem to match pretty well, although it is hard to tell with the mortar still being wet. They do look a little redder, where the older bricks are more orange. Oh well. In a couple years, will we really be able to tell? The builder fixed the couple things that were on the rough-in inspection and once the insulation is finished (should be today), we are ready for the 2nd inspection. Then comes drywall, finish electric, painting, flooring and trim -- woohoo!!! We can't wait!

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I have often wondered about how great it would be to ride on yellow school bus and go off to another building for school. I wonder if it would be as magically delightful as I imagine -- or if Mom is really right and I am super lucky to be able to have school at home? Well, when I think about the fact that I can take my time eating my first and second breakfast and not be rushed around by a grumpy Mommy (because she is hurridly trying to get me out the door for the bus against my will) and think about the fact that I can do my reading for the day out on the deck in the swing and soak up the sunshine......  I think she is right. It is great to have school at home!! What a blessing! Oh, and what does lil E do while I'm working hard? Just check out the pictures.

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