Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What's a burrito?

I love blankets! Have I mentioned that before? All kinds - colorful, fuzzy, soft, satin, big, little - all of them! I learned a game that my Mommy loves. It is called peek-a-boo. She loves it so much that when she puts me to bed, she'll stay just a little longer if I play this with her. I take my blanket, put it over my face, mutter a lil something (supposed to sound like "where's Evelyn", but I haven't quite figured out how to use this tongue for anything other than wet, slobbery kisses) and then yank the blanket down real fast. She just laughs and laughs. I really don't think she knows where I went and then is so happy once she sees me again.... Then, I do it all over again. I'm tellin ya, she eats it up!

Since I practice using my hands so much playing peek-a-boo, I am really good at grabbing blankets. The other day, I was on my favorite colorful blanket on the floor. I grabbed one side of the blanket, and without even thinking, I rolled. Next thing you know, my entire world looked like a kaleidescope. I looked left, I looked right, I looked up, I looked down - all I saw was my beautiful blanket, all around me. Just at that moment, Mommy came into the room and called me a burrito - I'm not sure what a burrito is? She was really laughing hard, so I am pretty sure it is not a compliment. But she did rescue me from the blanket (which had pretty much swallowed me whole) and I'll be sure not to do that again. Well, at least after the second time - because I did it again the very next day. As I was on my way over, I remembered that it wasn't such a hot idea to take the blanket with me when I rolled.... thankfully Mommy was right next to me that time (yes, laughing again and calling me a burrito). Maybe now I'll learn - maybe yes, maybe no.

Mommy put me and Sissy into some beautiful pink and blue dresses today and took us out. I thought I looked stupendous and so did this stranger lady. How do I know? Because she just kept on taking my picture. She must not have any babies of her own (or 4 year olds either because she took pictures of Sissy, too) and wanted to make sure she had some pictures of us to put in her house. She kept setting me different ways and having Sissy hold onto me (and we all know she isn't so gentle). I was kind of OK with this at first, but then it just got downright annoying. That silly flashing light and the tickling red feather. I had enough - and I let her know. I think she took nearly 100 pictures of us. I was pooped! I just wanted to chew on my toy and take a nappy! Sissy said she was tired of smiling and her mouth hurt, but she somehow mustered up the energy to chew on those fruit snacks afterwards (and she didn't even share).

I am not sure what is going on at home. Daddy was busy with some pretty blue tape and bright lights yesterday and when I woke up this morning - the living room was SO bright! It used to be all pretty red (which sure was pretty with the Christmas tree), but now it is bright white. Well, part of it. He is busy with those bright lights again and now the edges are a different color. He told Sissy it is called "hot chocolate". She is pretty upset that it isn't red anymore (that is one of her favorite colors) and she told Mommy that even Cinderella is so upset. I thought Mommy might want to make it red again knowing that even Cinderella is upset, but it still isnt' red.... I haven't had any hot chocolate yet, but I think it looks like something Mommy quickly puts into the diaper genie.

Well, it is nearly my beddie bye time. I have been having some trouble eating so I have to have another test on Friday. I hope that it goes well. Mommy is a little nervous about what the outcome will be and that she is praying for clear results. I guess I had better pray, too.

Love to all,

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Pictures

Big Sissy helping me with my new toy. A little tight around the neck there Sissy!!


Siefker Grandchildren

Daddy and E2

E1 as Sleeping Beauty - Aunt Tina did a fantastic job of making this!!

Mommy and E2 - obviously paying very close attention as E2 digests wrapping paper.

Grama Pollard - isn't she beautiful. Too bad she is snagged up Grampa before E2 had a chance to marry him. Mom told E2 the bad news this week - that you can only be married to one person and Grampa Pollard is already married. She's one lucky lady!

What a great hat and scarf!!!!

E1 & E2 on Christmas Morning - Jesus' Birthday!

Growth Chart

I had this doctor appointment yesterday and I have a few things to say. First of all, I knew something bad was going to happen because on the way there, my sister was telling me to think like a scientist. When she says that, it usually means something is going to hurt and it is supposedly good for me in the "long run". I was right. I was very apprehensive each time they layed me down on the table because I just knew that at any moment, I was going to be stuck with something. Well, the first nurse came in, nothing, just a little tickle on my head and feet. Then the doctor. She is obviously has perfect eyesight because she said I am perfect. She did say one thing that I'll talk about in a few. Then the nurse came back in - and back to the table I went. I knew it! AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Stab on the right, stab on the left !!!!! Oh, I screamed and screamed to warn all the other babies out there that this nurse is a sadist! She thinks because she covers my wounds with shiny, sparkly bandaids that it makes it all better.... She's nuts! I can't even see my thighs so I have no idea what those bandaids look like. I just know it HURTS!!!!! Next thing I know, we are home. I must have passed out from the pain.

The thing the doctor said is that I have fallen off of my growth curve (they even rechecked the numbers). I guess I'm not growing as quickly as the chart says I should. I didn't know that once I started growing at one rate, I was supposed to stick to it. I would think that at 6 months, being 18 lbs 6 oz and 26 1/2 inches long would be a good thing. I knew what I had to do. I need to eat more. I woke up at around 10 last night and tried to explain this to Mommy and Daddy. I think I might have been a little to dramatic because they couldn't understand what I wanted, so I tried telling them even louder. I am sure that at this point, I really was being too hysterical because Mommy said something about calling a priest to get the demon out. She said she was afraid of pea soup or something like that. Finally, my wonderful, strong Daddy swung me in my carseat and I was able to settle down (without any pea soup episodes) and drink the bottle. Next thing I know, it is morning and time to eat again. I guess I must have passed out again. I think I need to work on how dramatical I am getting. It is hard to keep my emotions in check, and from what I have seen of my Sissy and Mommy, it doesn't get much easier.

Oh, here's another shot of Sissy and her fabulous babysitting techniques.

Love to all,

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Sometimes, Mom asks me to babysit my baby sister. My job is to make sure that she doesn't roll into something that could hurt her (like the corner of the TV cabinet) or grab something that could make her choke (like most of my Polly Pockets and Legos). I am really good at this. I quickly grab any small toys out of her hands and if she rolls off of her blanket, I just roll her a couple times to get her back on it. I love helping my Mom and Dad. It is best when I get to help feed the baby. I get to hold the bottle for her. Sometimes it doesn't work out because my baby sister is too busy smiling at me to drink the bottle. I guess she likes it when I help her, too. If I am a little busy watching one of my favorite TV shows, I have a special trick to keep my baby sister from getting into trouble. I literally sit on (or near) the baby. This keeps her from rolling away and getting into anything. She seems pretty happy with it, too, since she just laughs and giggles at me.

Well, I have to get ready to go to church today. I love to go and sing songs to God. I bet God loves it when we all sing to Him.

Love to all,

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I know that rest is a gift from God, but truth is, I don't like it. I guess more specifically, I don't like the way Mommy & Daddy have my time of rest set up. I am in a crib (aka "jail"), on an incline (and I'm not so sure I'm keen on heights yet), velcroed down for safety and the worst of it - BY MYSELF! I can't even have an animal friend to keep me company. Not that it would matter anyway because they would just fall down the hill. Yes, they try to give me things that will occupy me until that sandman shows up and sprinkles sleepy dust in my eyes....I have soothing music, a light show, a mobile (that I am dying to put in my mouth!)...ya know, all the standard baby crib stuff. It isn't want I want. I want to be snuggled in with Mommy and Daddy or what would be the most greatest thing would be to sleep with my BFF big Sissy! Mommy says that's not happening for a long time (Sissy already asked that question and was quickly turned down).

When Mommy puts me in bed, I try every trick I know to let her know that I don't like the setup. I tried pulling my blanket up over my head so she'd think I was gonna suffocate - that just makes her wrap me up tighter. "Snug as a bug in a rug" - kind of hard to breathe - let up, woman!

I also used to try just refusing to take my passy. I'd squinch my mouth shut so nothing could get in. But, I can't pass up a challenge and Mommy knows this, so she takes my passy and puts it into my hand. So I attempt to put it into my mouth all by myself. Hey - I'm getting pretty good! It's usually backwards, but its in my mouth. So then Mommy helps me and puts it in the right way. Drats. She fooled me!

I make all kinds of noises (and I know she can hear me cuz she's always telling me to shush). Usually the noises will get her attention and she comes in to put the passy back into my mouth. That's kind of a trap. Once she gets in close, I grab her - whatever I can get a hold of. I'll grab a finger, arm wrist....but what works best is when I get hair! Oh, the other night I got hair with both hands! I had her - she was trapped! I could hear her wincing in pain, so let up a little. Dag nabit! She got away. Unfortunately, she said at that point she didn't care how much noise I made, she wasn't coming back in. Drats. Foiled again!

Well, it's bedtime so I had better think up a new plan of action. Maybe I'll be like a camel and spit at her tonight. I wonder how she'd like that?

Love to all,

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What's that?

In my mouth? It feels like crumbs on my gums. I keep licking it with my tongue, but I can't seem to break it loose. Whatever it is has triggered my mouth to start being super, duper wet! I mean, there is so much wet stuff in my mouth that I can't swallow it all (then my tummy'd be full and I'd have no room for breakfast, 2nd breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and bedtime snack - and sometimes a midnight snack if I'm lucky). So, I have to do the alternative....just let it pour out of my mouth, down my chin and catch it with this new neck napkin Mommy puts on me. It really does the trick! The other bad thing about these gum crumbs is that it makes me want to gnaw on anything in sight. Blankets, toys, fingers, passies, toes, shoes, socks, pretty much anything. Now that I think of it, I am pretty sure this is Mommy's fault. She kept looking in there for something and feeling around on my gums. I think she dropped something as she was feeling around. I have been trying to tell her to get it out, but she hasn't gotten the message yet. I grab her by the back of her neck, yell at her face and then gnaw on her chin.....don't you think that's a good a way to get my message across? If someone did that to you, wouldn't you want to check out their mouth for something?

On a positive note, I am enjoying this new food Mommy gives me at lunch. Sometimes it makes my belly hurt (Mommy calls it reflux or heartburn), but it sure tastes good! It does seem to work better now that I actually open my mouth. Before I was trying to suck it off like I drink my bottle. That didn't work out so well....

Love to all,

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Isn't it so funny that I have these?

After my bath the other night, I was standing up and Mom was putting lotion all over me (she is obsessed with lotion, especially when it is cold out). She was looking down at my feet and I said, "isn't it funny that I have these? " She said what without even looking. I said "these, what are they called again?" At this point, she looks up and has a funny kind of smile on her face. She even turned a little red. She said, "um, they are your nipples." I burst out into laughter ! What a funny word and what funny little things I have! I noticed that each time I said the word "nipples" Mom had an embarrassed kind of smile on her face. So I said it as many times in a row as I could - and as loud as I could! That really had her embarrassed! She said, it's nothing to be proud of, Daddy has them, too. At this point, Daddy and Evelyn come into the room to find out what is going on. Daddy agreed and said that even Evelyn has them. Wow - everyone has these crazy lil bumps. I asked Mom if she has them and she said yes. I asked if I could see them, and now at the ultimate level of embarrassment, she shouts "no way!" She then tells me that these are private things and that we shouldn't talk about them so much and definitely should not be going around showing them off to people.

Fast forward. We are on our way to Iowa in the truck and Mom is making Evelyn's bottle. She calls the bottle top a nipple. Can you even believe it? She said the PRIVATE word!!! I quickly corrected her and now I am feeling a little embarrassed. It seems I'm pretty good at catching Mom at breaking her own rules.

So, in case you haven't found your "bumps", you might check. I bet you have them, too.

Love to all,

Saturday, January 2, 2010


It turns out, I love Iowa! I didn't realize that all my Siefker cousins would be there. Plus Grama and Grampa Siefker - and even Corby! Can you even believe it? It took a while to get there (ok, a long while), but it was worth it! I didn't even mind the car trip that much; I got to watch a movie, play with Daddy's iPod, draw pretend roller coasters in the frost on the windows, sing songs...and then sleep. That really makes the time zoom by!

Here are my favorite things about Iowa:

My cousins all in the same place at the same time. It sure was fun to play with all of them! One loved to tickle me, another loved to play hide & go seek (except sometimes I think he forgot to come find me), another one let me play the video games with him. Each time I went from room to room, there was always someone to talk to or play with. It was so much fun!

There was snow everywhere! I loved that part! Although it was so cold that I could hardly even breathe. But the moon was rising (they said it was a blue moon, but it looked yellowish white to me) and it made the snow and ice sparkle, especially on the rivers. Very pretty!

They had a wonderful breakfast that included not only my everyday breakfast foods (oatmeal with granola on top and a bagel), but they had grapes and bacon!! Two of my favorite foods! It was wonderful!

I think my favoritest thing of all was when we went to bed at night. Dad, Mom, E2 and me all slept in the same bed. It was heaven! I felt so safe and cozy. I drifted off to sleep holding E2's hand and Daddy right beside me. I wish Mommy & Daddy would let me sleep with them EVERY night. Well, maybe not. Daddy makes some funny noises when he sleeps and that lil baby sister of mine wakes up awfully early. I think I'll stick to my own bed at home, but it sure was a great part of our trip to Iowa.

The best part of all is that God was with us in Iowa, too. You know how I know that? Because he's omnipresent - which means he is all places all the time. I learned that in my Wednesday Warrior class. I'm getting so smart. But not THAT smart. God is always smarter. He knows everything (that's called omniscient in case you didn't know). He's omnipotent too, which means he is the most powerful thing in the whole entire world - even the whole Earth! And since he is always with me, I can always be brave. It is sometimes hard to remember that, especially when I'm watching Snow White or the 3rd Ice Age movie. That witch and those dinosaurs (especially that Spinosaurus at the end) scare me. Mommy taught me a great trick, though. You can hide behind a pillow during the scary parts. She said she did that a LOT when she was a little girl like me.

I hope everyone has a wonderful new year. It is 2010 now, ya know! I had to change it on my calendar (which I got for Christmas and I LOVE to change everyday - thanks Grama Pollard!!).

Love to all,