Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Constant Itch

Ok, so I think I took the fits about eating a little too far. Next thing you know, Mommy and Daddy have me in this white room, bed that looks like a jail, I'm wearing stripes and there's a big bright white light. A man and woman (calling themselves "nurses") come in and a muttering to each other and looking at me in this jail bed. They drop the rails, tilt my head back and jam this tube down my throat - AHHHHHH! This is almost as bad as when they took me out of Mommy (oh, it was so warm and cozy in there - those were the days)!! Cough, gag - what in the world!!

I think I blacked out - it was so bad! Now, all I know is that I don't have to mess with that bottle anymore. I have a magic pacifier! Mommy puts it in my mouth and then starts fiddling with this other stuff (one of which looks like a bottle, but she never puts it in my mouth) and WALA! I start feeling full. Magic pacifier!

But I still have this funny feeling in my nose, like a constant itch that needs to be scratched. So early this morning, I broke free of that stinking swaddle hold Mommy puts me in all night long (she's obsessed with that swaddle too - she even wakes in the night just to come tighten me down more - torture! can't a girl sleep with her arms above her head for a change?)..... after I quietly had gotten my one arm out, I took the chance to scratch my nose that had been bothering me all night long. Wait, what's that? Why - there's something in there! I thought I'd save my Mommy the trouble of getting me clean in the morning so I gave it a little yank - cough, gag, cough, blegch, gack, cough, sputter.....SWEET RELIEF! The itch is GONE! O glorious day! Mommy was instantly in my face and untangling my hands. I think she was delighted to see how talented I am. That's right Mommy, I got skills!

Next thing you know, Mommy & Daddy have me on the floor with the same sort of tools those nurses had. What's that? Gag, cough, sputter, gag - Mommy, I thought you loved me?

The itch is back. :( Mom says 5 1/2 more weeks, so the countdown begins...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I have found these things on my body - Mommy calls them "hands". They are WONDERFUL! I can grab my blankie or spitty and pull it up by my face. I can slap the bottle away when I don't want it. I am even getting pretty good at putting my pacifier in and out of my own mouth - that's right, I got skills. The best thing about these hands - they taste good!! Just like my own personal lollipop. There is only one problem with them - they seem to get fuzzy. Mommy says it is because I'm always holding on the blankies, but they get some fuzz between the fingers. And, I think my family might just be like a pack of monkeys we saw at the zoo because Mommy pulls my fingers apart and then my big Sis picks out the fuzz. Mommy told her to put the fuzz in the trash, but I'm pretty sure I saw her taste it (just like the monkey ate the bugs they picked off their friends).

The other thing these hands are good for is to play hide and seek. My big sister loves to play this game and now I see why. It is great! Mommy puts me in my bouncie seat and when she isn't looking, I take my blankie and pull it up over my face and then peek out over the top. Mommy comes into the room and can't find me anywhere. I can't help but smiling a humongous smile and she spots me. :-D

Mommy told me that today I am 3 months old. Time sure flies when you're having fun. I don't know what this family ever did before I was here because now they are always doing stuff for me (so the other stuff was obviously not that important). I think they needed a bundle of joy just like me to fill all that free time they obviously had. :)

Love to all - E2

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Starting School

Ok, so I was a little nervous when Mom said we were starting school last week, but it turns out that this school thing is great! Mom and I read many books together (some she reads and some I read). The ones that she reads, she always asks me a lot of questions to see if I'm paying attention - and we all know how I hate to not know the answers -- so I make sure to pay extra special attention so I can answer anything she asks me. :) I am also learning more Bible verses and handwriting. I think this week we may study the change in seasons since Mom says it is officially Fall. I thought it was fall a long time ago because the leaves were falling out of the trees already.

Did you know that I am the Uno champ? Ok, maybe not the champ because Mom has so many lucky days, but I LOVE to play. My favorites are all the skip and draw cards. Daddy and I get into Draw 2 battles. :)

My sister still has good days and bad days. But, on her good days, she is getting more and more fun. She has tummy time and loves to look around (especially at her beautiful sister) and she laughs and smiles at me all the time. I can tell, she wants to be just like me when she is 4.

Well, I need to go and exercise. I found out how important it is on Sid the Science Kid and now I need to do it all the time. I still need breaks for water in order to get my energy back, but then I jump right back up and dance around the living room (usually to my favorite song - Barbara Ann). :)

Love to all,

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Natural Born Saint

Good Morning! What a beautiful day this is - and do you know the best part? I figured out that I am a natural born Saint! How did I figure that out. Well, you see, Mom and I read about Adam and Eve in the garden and how they sinned. God told them they could eat from any tree they wanted except for one. And what happened....they sinned. Eve ate the fruit and then Adam ate it too. Then what was the first thing they did as sinners? They ran and hid because they were naked and ashamed. This is where my logic starts. I LOVE to be naked and am not ashamed of it at all. In fact, I'd be naked all the time if my Mommy would let me. Why, just last night, she said to clean up my toys because it is bathtime and I not only was a perfect child and picked up my toys.... I showed up in her bedroom naked and all ready for a bath. :) So you see, I'm a natural born Saint who loves to prance around in the skin God gave me - and I'm not ashamed at all (giggle).

My logic does kind of have a problem when I think about the verse that I am learning this week for school. All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Rom 3:23). Ok, so I guess I am a sinner too - but I still like to be naked.

Just the other night, I was eating at the big kitchen table and Mommy was feeding E2 in the living room (but I could still see her). I asked her if she'd like it if I were unselfish all the time. She said of course. I said, "Well, that can't happen because I'm a sinner." She assured me that she is a sinner too and that is why we need Jesus in our hearts.

I have a play date with my great friends today! I'm so excited!!!

Love to all - E1

Saturday, September 12, 2009


What a great day we had yesterday! It was a Friday and Daddy stayed home with us to go to the Indianapolis Zoo (I know that's what its called cuz Mom looked it up on the computer). I finally finished my new food chart (30 new foods - well, really 29 since Mom counted chicken and rice for 2 spots since I ate it so good) and I got to go to the zoo and ride the roller coaster!!! The only problem is, it turns out Mom was right. Roller coasters are fast and I must be like Mom - I didn't like going that fast. It was all good until we got to the top of that hill (which I'm pretty sure was as big as Mount Everest) - then can you believe, we dropped straight down - and zoomed around a corner at top speeds! I just kept saying, 'no, no, no, no' - but they didn't listen because we kept going around (3 times to be exact). So after that experience, my favorite ride was the carousel. Nice and slow, up and down, around and around. I rode it twice. I sat on a dolphin both times because after the dolphin show, I LOVE dolphins!. Evelyn liked the lights and music at the dolphin show, but those trainer's whistles scared her. I can't believe that the dolphins can jump out of the water that high! I think I want to be a trainer when I grow up - I even practiced a few of the hand signals. I'm a natural! ;)

My favorite animal (besides the dolphin) was the giraffe. I was going to feed it but then Mom said to watch how it gets the food out of your hand, so I did. It has a super duper long stick icky tongue - and its black! YUCK! So, I just got close and watch them while the other kids fed the giraffe. The penguins were pretty cool too. I loved to watch them swim under the water!

When we got back in the car, I assured Mommy & Daddy that I was NOT tired....but then my eyelids got SO heavy.
Here - E2 wants to say something....
You know what I did the whole time? Slept. Mom said I was too small to ride the rides (which unlike my big "Sissy", I wouldn't be scared! Bring em on!) - so I just slept. And that bit about being scared of the trainer's whistle at the dolphin show.... I wasn't scared. I just felt an uncontrollable urge to do flips and blow bubbles. It was hard to keep from showing off and stealing the show from those dolphins. Mom said the place was pretty germy too, so I just felt like it'd be a good day to take a nap outside and enjoy the fresh air! Although, when we got home, I let her know how disappointed I was that I couldn't ride the Kombo Coaster.....
Love from both of us - E1 and E2

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I love holidays. Daddy gets to stay home from work with us and we usually see some of our favorite people. Yesterday was Labor Day - a holiday - AND my Grampa's birthday. He's 56 years old now. That seems like a big number, but I can count to it without any problems, so it must not be THAT old. :) I just can't count that high in Spanish yet (only to 29). Since it was Grampa's birthday, we had a cookout and the family came over. It was great! My best friend Cole even came. I just love him. He is older than me and a boy, but we have a great time together. We played tag, soccer, frisbee and even Princess (ok, he was a Prince, not a Princess). He said there were dragons and that he needed to save me. :)

I am so excited for this week! I had story time at the library today. The librarian read "Silly Farm" (and I love anything silly) and she blew bubbles. One even popped on my cheek. Tomorrow is the first day of Wednesday Warriors. That is our kids program at church and I LOVE it!! My friend, Eli, is going to be there - he likes to play princess with me too. :)

Friday is going to be our trip to the zoo where, if I can eat the last 3 new foods on my "new food chart", I get to ride a ROLLER COASTER!!! I hope it is a super fast one. Mom says those kind make her dizzy and sick, but I know I'll love it. I hope it even goes upside down! Mom said it doesn't, but maybe she's wrong this time. :)

Love to all,

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Another test

Icky! I had to endure another one of those tests yesterday. Mom starved me (although not for as long this time) and then took me to see a new doctor. He said we were going to become great friends over the next hour (so I threw him one of my fabulous smiles). He looked in my mouth and teased me with my pacifier for a while.... then we went down the hall for the test. They keep teasing me with a bottle over and over. Sometimes it is hard to drink and other times it is too fast. There was some nasty tasting stuff in my bottle too - but I didn't mind. I was so hungry. Mommy and the nice doctor were talking and saying something about aspirating into my lungs (whatever those are). Not sure what was going on, but now my milk is SUPER thick. It sure takes a long time to drink it too. But, I don't always have the problems swallowing it (coughing, gagging) like I used to.

Have I told you how much I love my sister? One of her favorite things to do is to play music and dance around the living room. She is so graceful. I love it when she spins past me and does one of her high kicks. She leaps and twirls just like a ballerina, at least that is what my sister tells me. I haven't seen a ballerina yet, but I am sure she looks just like one! She also sings songs to me when I am upset. Great ones like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Barbara Ann. I love it when she sings to me!

I don't know what my Mommy is doing now. She keeps going into the kitchen and looking into the stove. Whatever is in there smells WONDERFUL! She said it is an experiment. She let my sister help, too. She said something about a dump cake. E1 asked if it is dairy free and Mommy said of course! I think that is the experimental part.

I learned how to make a new face this week. This one is a doozy. Whenever I make it at Mommy or Daddy - they always go "awww baby, what's wrong?" So it must be a good one. I put out my bottom lip and turn my smile upside down. I also wrinkle my forehead just a little. It really gets their attention. I'm gonna keep using that one! I bet I can get anything I want with that face. This morning I used it to get some new batteries in my swing. :)

Love to all!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


You'll never believe what I did today. I was just sitting in my swing, taking a lil nappy, and I started to miss my Mama and big Sis, so I let them them know it. Next thing ya know, I am swooped out of my swing and put on a pillow on my big sister's bed - which she tells me is now a rocket ship. She tickles my belly and tells me I'm all strapped in and here we go.
She starts looking out the window....I think I even felt it take off! Wow - there we went....um, wherever rocket ships go. Look at her....taking time to pose for the camera - we've no time to waste, this thing is taking flight... I can see the canopy blowing in the breeze!
It was SO fun! She was squealing with glee and I just kept watching her with delight - throwing one of those "smiles" her way now and again. What a great time! I sure love my big sister. She kissed me this morning and said "I wanna be just like you when I get bigger" (as if she were talking for me to her)..... she doesn't know how right she is. I do want to be like her. She's awesome!

Oh, and I think this is a big decision (according to Mom it is anyway), but I think I like using my left hand the most. I only know it is my left because Mommy and Daddy say that it is. They said Grama would sure be proud to have another south paw in the family. :) I am also starting to love my chair that sings to me. I hit these things that hang down and then it sings and flashes lights at me. Kind of cool. I feel like I can actually DO something now. :) Makes me wanna run across the room with leaps and sing for joy - but for now, all I can do is coo and kick my feet real fast. :) It'll do.

Love to all!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It feels good!

I'm starting to realize something. When you take the corners of your mouth and push them up towards your eyes, it feels good! I think it is called a smile because I hear my Mom call out to my sister and say "look, she's smiling" when I do this. And the more I do it, the more people like, which makes my smile get even BIGGER! I think there must be something a little off about it though because Mom says my smile is different than E1 because I have 2 dimples in my cheeks. Not sure what that's all about. Guess next time she gives me a mirror, I'll have to smile and check it out. :-D

It turns out that after about 5 hours of sleeping, I just miss my Mommy and Daddy too much to be apart, so I have to wake them up to say hello. I have found that there is an added bonus to this and that they must miss me too because they reward me with food! :) Woohoo! Now that's what I call service!

Mom left me with some friends the other day for a couple hours. She always says that kids have germs so I just pretended to be asleep so they wouldn't touch me and get ME germy. If "germs" are the reason that I had that mean old cold last week, I know I don't want any on ME again! So I'd lay there and peek out every once in a while to try to spot Mommy. If I couldn't see her right off, I'd quickly pretend to sleep some more. That sure was hard with that little blonde boy running around. He kept trying to hug me and get me to play catch. I guess cuz he closes his eyes to catch the ball, he didn't realize that I wasn't ready to catch. Silly boy!

Last night, I got to be in E1's room while Mommy read her the Bible story and Daddy sang songs. Her room is beautiful! I can't wait to be in there with her. That pink thing hanging from the ceiling and big colorful circles on the wall - she's like a princess! I think I might sleep all night long too if I had a pretty room like that (hint hint, Mom). :)

Love to all!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Picture Update

Mommy said you'd enjoy some updated pictures because I'm growing like a weed. Does that sound like a compliment to you? I thought weeds were bad things? Mom always makes a yucky face when she sees em in her flower beds... I imagine I'm more like a beautiful sunflower - starting out as a itty bitty seed - and in a few months, towering over everything else in the garden. Love to all - E2