Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Ok, so Daddy and Mommy had a meeting at church last night and our good friends Kate and Kyle (and their Daddy & Mommy) came over to play. It was wonderful – kind of like a party! We got to show them each and every toy. I even tried to show them how I can wash my hands all by myself. Kate’s Mommy wasn’t very interested in seeing me brush my teeth. Maybe she’s seen that trick before? Kyle obviously thought I was a special girl because he was hugging and petting on me. I know – I’m adorable. Sissy tells me all the time. We even got to have some cookies that Mommy made. What a great night! To top it all off, I thought I’d write an inspirational message on the wall – kind of like how Mommy paints on the wall. Kyle’s Daddy tried to wipe it off, but it is such a wonderful message that God didn’t allow it to come off. After everyone left – I wasn’t ready for the party to end, so I stayed up playing with Penny in bed for about another hour. I was just so super excited to have friends over again!!

I hope Mommy and Daddy have more meetings!

PS. I think Mommy has a plan to paint over my message. I am praying that it shows through each and every coat of Bodacious Bubble Bath pink.

((hugs)) E2

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I love Wednesdays!

Ok, so I am a little sad that I don't get to go with Daddy & Sissy. They always do look very excited to rush off to Wednesday Warriors (Click here for more info), but it turns out, it is a fantastic time at home! I get to run around and play with all the toys by myself, and that doesn't happen very often. Tonight, Mommy was a little busy doing the dishes, so I rushed off to our bedroom. I "called her in" a couple times by clicking the little green button by Sissy's bed. It turns out, when you click it, it starts beeping and that always gets her attention. After doing that a couple times, I settled down into Sissy's bed, read some books, played with her bedtime friends, watched her birdies, turned on the TV (I think it was the weather channel because it looked like snow to me and I heard Mommy say it was gonna snow tomorrow)....I had a fantastic time! Mommy came in and started a video for me, but I quickly removed that and brought the video to her in the kitchen. She wasn't impressed. So, I love Wednesdays. I get Mommy and all our toys to myself. It's wonderful!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Potty time anyone?

Ok, so I didn't get it at first (and I'm still not sure I do), but Mommy has been letting me sit on the potty at least once a day. There is this cute little donut seat that she puts on and it is nice and comfy (and keeps me from getting my bum wet) and then we talk, laugh, play, read....all kinds of things. It is a great time that I get to spend with my Mommy. I guess it is her way of making some good quality time for just us. However, big Sissy does get a little jealous and usually ends up knocking on the door and wanting to join in the fun. So, since Mommy seems to be really happy when I point to the bathroom and want to sit there for a while, I have started to initiate this more often. Now every time I pass by the bathroom, I think it is a great idea to just pop a squat. I can tell that Mommy is trying to be supportive, but she is hesitant about spending the entire day in the bathroom.

There is something strange that happens. Sometimes when I'm sitting there, I get an overwhelming urge to go pee pee. I kind of get panicked and quickly tell Mommy that I'm "all done" and try to hop off. Thankfully, I haven't actually gone pee pee in that potty yet. I'm sure Mommy would be super upset if I did that. I know she works hard to keep that potty nice and clean. That last thing she'd want is for me to pee in it. It was a close one tonight -- I nearly POOPED in the potty! Man oh man, she'd have had steam coming out her ears for sure if I had done that! Whew!

Here is a picture of me sitting on the potty. Mommy took this. Next time she is in there reading a book, I'm gonna take a picture of her and post it on the internet. giggle.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Now that I'm 18 months

Now that I am 18 months, I am experiencing more and more things. I have always been a book lover - and now I am sharing this love with Mindy (our cat). I think now that I am 18 months, she isn't quite as afraid of me (she is the reason they came up with the phrase, "scaredy cat"). I guess the site of me toddling over - and not very steady on my feet - can give a cat a little anxiety. Well, now she comes up to me and loves on me all the time! She must think I am her bestest friend (and it makes me SO happy!). Now I am trying to share all my favorites with her, including the books. Here are a couple pictures of me showing her a book. I think it must be an acquired taste because she didn't seem interested.

I am also learning how to use Sissy's "laptop". First of all, I am SO amazed that Mommy let me play with it. I am always so jealous of everyone using their own computers and games (they have computers, Wii, leapster, and even Uno (which is super cool)), so Mommy is hooking me up with my own system. She's the best! My favorite thing is to turn it off and on. :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sick again

So we went to the doctor today (that's a 3 hour process) to find out that I am sick again with another stinkin' virus. I don't know what these virus things are, but I wish they'd leave me alone! I have had a fever and a cough - and the worst part - I'm not hungry! I don't like anything to come between me and food! The doc said I was wheezing but that I didn't have pneumonia - thank goodness! So, now we just wait and pray that it passes quickly. I have a severe case of cabin fever so I pray it passes VERY quickly! Here is a picture of me all bundled up when my fever spiked - I was so cold I was shivering, but Mommy said my head was on fire. These viruses are mean things!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Playing Dress Up

My big sister loves to play dress up - I mean she really loves it. She would wear a princess dress constantly if Mommy would let her. For Christmas, I got a little dress up outfit, too and now I see what she means - I feel so pretty!! I love it! As soon as Mommy put it on me, I started twirling around the room (that's a move I picked up from Sissy). Ooh la la! We sure look grand! See for yourself.

For a video copy / paste the following link into the address line of your browser.

Here is the link to their video.

If that doesn't work, cut and paste this into your browser.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cades Cove

We had so much fun the day that we drove all the way out to Cades Cove. It was a long drive (and Daddy is such a great driver that he got us there and back safe and sound - it was a little icey at times) - but it was worth it. We saw deer - and some were right outside my window! Dad, Mom and my cousin saw turkeys, but I missed them. There were also snowmen everywhere (and snow-women, too), so we decided to make one while we ate our picnic lunch. It was so much fun!! Jaime and Kristianne and Daddy and Cole and I did a super fantabulous job (don't you agree?)!!!! Aunt Diane and Uncle Jim helped a little. Mommy helped by keeping E2 occupied (that was an easy enough job since we had Oreos with us). :) Here are some pictures....

Someone better watch out - Dad loves to throw snowballs!

Deer right outside the car window...

A picture on the way of the pretty ice / snow filled creek.

My favorite cousin - being silly. :)

Here are some pics of lunch and the snowman. <|o0O

The Room

A big thank you to Great Aunt Diane for choosing such a fantastic room! It was perfect! Here are a few pictures - don't mind the mess - it was vacation. :) All of us kids lOvEd the jacuzzi tub! We would have stayed in it all day and had raisin fingers for a week if Mom would have let us!

Gatlinburg - Laurel Falls and Ober Tram

One day, Ed took the big kids to Laurel Falls (along with Aunt Diane, Kristianne and Jaime) and they were able to hike all the way to the very frosty falls. Mom stayed home with E2 while she napped.

On a different day (the day we went to Cades Cove (pictures to come in next post)) we took the tram (think gondola) up to Ober Gatlinburg. The "sky ride" (as E1 calls it) was extremely fun, but the line to get back down was just as extreme! A big thank you to Daddy for holding a place in line while we all walked around (ate, pottied, etc). He's the best!! These are just a couple pictures of us on the tram, but it is hard to see anything. There were about 100 + people crammed in like crayons in a crayon box.

Gatlinburg - The trip down

It was a very long trip and hard to plan right after Christmas, but we made it. E2 was in amazingly good spirits - as long as she was eating - and since she ate the entire time, she was really happy. :) It was so beautiful! God had just covered everything with a blanket of snow (the roads were already cleared, thankfully) and it was gorgeous! A winter wonderland, for sure!