Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall Recap

Fall has been filled with so many exciting things that we didn't have much time to post the pictures - but here they are...

This is E2 - she loves to play the "pewter" (computer) now.

With all the chilly weather, Mom thought it was a good idea to get out the hats, scarves and gloves. You know what that means!? My favorite season (winter) is just around the corner. I wore this hat and scarf almost all day. I am so excited for snow, sledding and hot cocoa.

We walked down the road to the pumpkin patch. Ok, Mom and Dad did most of the walking and us girls rode in the wagon. I did have to walk and get a piggy back ride on the way back because the pumpkins took my seat. 

The pumpkins were a bit heavier than I was expecting. I held it for a minute, but I nearly dropped it. Good thing we have Daddy.

 Mom even picked out a pie pumpkin. She is going to make her own puree and then make a pie. Mmmm, I can't wait! Maybe she'll let me help.

Yes, E2 had to stop and sniff the flowers.

You see, the pumpkins got my seat on the way home. That's ok. It was a great trip to the pumpkin patch!!! Best of all, we went as a family!
What a great day!

Here we are dressed up for the Harvest Party at church. There was a bounce house (Mom made me take off the hair for the bounce house) and games and candy - that spells perfection in my book !!! I am dressed up like Rapunzel and E2 is a pumpkin (again).