Monday, May 31, 2010

PreSummer Summertime fun

Oh, it is officially watermelon season! My Mom loves watermelon! I think it is OK, but I don't love it like she does. But, it seems like the baby (who isn't looking too much like a baby anymore) loves it as much as Mom. Mom cut up some tiny pieces for her to have, and she loved playing with those. Then Mom took some big chunks (which Mom calls "bites") and rubbed them on her lips / teeth. After a couple times of this, baby E took a bIg BiTe! I mean half a chunk in her mouth. Mom and I started laughing hysterically (as Mom went digging in her mouth for the "bite"). Baby E was so proud of herself!

With the hot weather (preSummer, watermelon weather), we have been spending some time at the splash park. Below are some pictures from our favorite one. They put in a new mushroom waterfall that is super cool. We also got a fun sprinkler to play with in the yard for the days that we can't leave (like when the baby is napping). It is a great summer so far - and it hasn't even officially started yet. :)  ((hugs)) E1

Friday, May 28, 2010

Picture time

Having fun on the deck.

The strong baby loves to move the high chair around the kitchen.

Sleeping Beauty Erin - thanks Aunt Tina for the beautiful gown!

Can you even believe that she will be a year old in less than a month? What a year this has been!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Great Outdoors

There are so many wonderful things to do outside that I don't like to be inside hardly at all anymore. I wait and listen for someone to open the door and I cry and beg for them to take me with them. I don't care if all they are doing is checking the mail, I wanna go out! Ok, I do care because that isn't a very long time outside to just check the mail and I throw a little bit of a fit if we have to come right back in. What do you expect? I'm still a baby. :) Here are some pictures of the things we love to do outside. Mommy forgot the camera when we went to the sprinkler park. She said she'd remember next time (hopefully). Today we are going to a kids concert in the park - woohoo! Music at the park - what could be better?!

Here is my fabulous Sissy playing baseball and you know what? She's good! :) Look how fast she is as she rounds the bases!
Here I think she is asking when it will be snack time  - her favorite part about baseball. :)

Yesterday, when I woke up from my nappy, Sissy was having a tea party on the deck. I was happy to join right in the fun. It turns out, I wasn't doing it right and Sissy was kind enough to show me how.

Here we are in the playhouse that Mommy and Grama Siefker cleaned out for us. Thank you so much Mommy and Grama!!!!  We love it!

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Friday, May 21, 2010

New Discoveries

I am not sure what it is, but I have discovered all kinds of new things! Not sure if it because I am crawling and cruising more (and I'm fast, too) or if I'm just paying closer attention, but it turns out there are some cool and some bizarre things in this crazy world.

The first thing to note is that Mommy got me this fun thing for bathtime that keeps my hiney from slipping around so much. It's wonderful! This means I can spend a little more time in the water since Mommy doesn't have to hold onto me so much. But, this has lead to something else happening....  When I get out of the tub, my fingers are all wrinkly! I don't think they stay that way because I haven't noticed them looking like that any other time. I am not sure if it is all the waves and splashin in the water make my skin turn on end or if that lil fairy godmother in the bathtub (Sissy's toy) puts a curse on my fingers or what!?  Mommy calls them raisins, which makes me nervous. I have seen the way she attacks a box of raisins. I quickly stick my own fingers in my own mouth for protection. I have seen in her mouth and she has a LOT more teeth than me. :)

I have also discovered that the tall black door in the kitchen opens up and has a lot of cool stuff inside. Sometimes, I just sit outside of it and wait for Mommy to open it. I quickly reach in and pull stuff out - ok, not stuff. It is always this mayonaise jar. And not even real mayo - that fake Miracle Whip Lite stuff. I can see right now that Mommy and I are going to have problems. She must be one of those crazy health food nuts. I'm going to have to adjust her thinking - and soon!

One other thing I am discovering is that it is super fun to walk around the table. The chairs and table legs are great for holding on to and practicing walking. I really love it when I can grab a hold of someone's piggies (usually Sissy) and give em a tickle. hee hee! One hard lesson I have had to learn is about gravity. It turns out I need a lot more practice at walking, balancing, and holding on because I fall a LOT. And, those table legs hurt. Yesterday I gave it a good feel with my face....oUcH and double oUcH!

Now I understand why Sissy is always asking to play at her park (OUR park now). Mommy took me up to the top of the tower and it is super fantabulous up there!!  There's a wheel to turn and I can hold on and look out. It's wonderful! Even Blacky likes to go up there. :) Sissy showed me how to throw the balls down the black tube and how they come out at the bottom. I like watching her run up and down the ladder after the balls. giggle. :)

I had better go discover some more new things. Mommy said something about a haircut (for Sissy, not me, thankfully!) today. I'll bet there are all kinds of things to discover on the floor of the barber shop.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fun day at the park

What a super fun day we had at the park today! Mommy wanted to go on a walk first so we walked on the trails. Ok, Mommy walked, I rode in the bumblebee stroller and Sissy ran. Sometimes, she'd hop on for a quick ride and drink of water, but most of the time, she ran on the trail. And let me tell you - she's FaSt! We had a super fantabulous time! The great thing was that Mommy picked a trail that ended right at a park. It was a beautiful sunshiney day and parks are so colorful - and full of happy kids. I love to watch them all - but Sissy the most! She did everything from swing, to spin and climb. She climbed up so high that I was sure she'd reach the clouds! I was really wanting Mommy to let me down so I could get a taste of that yummy looking mulch, but she insisted on either holding me or leaving me in the bumble bee. Better luck next time.

As soon as we got to the park, Sissy ran and climbed up the tallest slide. She said she wasn't scared one bit.

Sissy is so fast that I felt like I was watching a tennis match

Up, Up, Up...Higher she climbed until she was at the tip top and Mommy was about to go crazy with worry.

Spin, Spin - Around and Around - no wonder she was DiZzY!!

Speaking of parks, didn't Daddy do just a fabulous job for our park? He put that canopy up all by himself. Daddy has skills, too! Thank you, Daddy! We love you so much!

What a noise!

Mommy keeps telling me that my ears are going to start catching wind if I don't stop pulling at them - but they hurt! Sometimes if I put my hand on my ear and lean my head over, it seems to feel a lot better - and I must look awfully darned cute, too, because Mommy usually gives out a big "awwww" and scoops me up. They hurt so much that they are bothering me when I sleep. Mommy must realize there is a problem, probably because I am waking her and Daddy up so much in the night, because she takes me to the doctor. The last time must have been a good visit because I came out with some more of that yummy pink medicine. I am wondering how it can be medicine since it tastes so good! Anyway, my ear started to feel better, but then whamo! It started hurting again, differently this time. Then, I noticed some more of those "crumbs" forming in my mouth, on the topside this time. Mommy hadn't felt them yet, so I decided to surprise her. I started rubbing my new and old teeth together, you know, kind of like a musical instrument. I did such a great job of it that she came into the living room from the kitchen and asked what in the world that noise was. That's right, Mama - I got skills! I just kept doing it over and over. I guess she must be tone deaf or have something against lovely music because she insisted (in the sweet, loving way that Moms "insist" things with their babies) that I stop making music. I have stopped - for now - but when she isn't looking, I just might start up again. Although, I do this often with things I am not supposed to touch and somehow, she always knows. I am starting to wonder if she has hidden cameras in the house - or maybe eyes in the back of her head. I do know one thing she has working for her - my big sister. I really thought she was on my side, but it turns out, Sissy's a snitch! She's always yelling that I'm touching this or I'm getting into that. I think I'm going to figure out a way to show her how to stuff a sock in it. hee hee! I bet she will be on my team if I can figure out how to get her some candy. She looks like the type that can easily be bought with sweets. I bet I can use her sweet tooth to my advantage - tooth, who are we kidding? That girl has a full set of sweet teeth! Well, Mommy has her back turned so I am going to try to get something off of Sissy Sweet Tooth's desk. tee hee hee!

Love to all,

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Showcase Night

Last night was my showcase (which is when we perform on stage in front of all the families) for my CYT (Christian Youth Theater) Wiggles class. We learned about puppets, costumes, acting, singing and rhythm sticks. It was a great class! Mrs H was a great teacher and I had fun learning with Annie, Egan and Charlie. I am a little sad that the class is over now, but Mom says I might get to take another class in the fall. Anyways, last night was the showcase and we did a great job, if I do say so myself! It took a long time to get started - something about the microphones were messed up. Then, just as we were waiting patiently, part of Jolly Holiday came blaring over the speakers. I thought this was SO funny! Then, the theme music started and we walked onto the stage. I wasn't nervous our anything! I was a little confused on what to do since I missed the dress rehearsal (if you didn't know, I was sick with the pukes), but I think I did pretty good. I could see Mommy (using the video camera) and Daddy (holding baby E up high so she could see) in the audience. After our song (Spoonful of Sugar) was finished, I took wiped my forehead, looked at Mom and told her that was hard work! Then we used the rhythm sticks that we decorated to bang out a beat and say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. That sure is a big word and real hard to say!

I really love it that my cousins and a couple friends are also there. They did a great job, too. I LOVED the song that Mitchell and Kathryn performed. I was trying to snap, swinging my arms in the air and swaying Mommy to the music. It was great! What a great night! What a great class! I love CYT!
Here are some pictures of me before (at home) and during the performance (thanks Mrs Mick!) and a link to watch my video. You won't want to miss it!
Video - Erin and the Wiggles performing for CYT Showcase May 2010

Oh, Baby E says she has her own performance she'd like to show you. Here she is with a toy in her mouth and look NO HANDS! She is such a ham!

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Bee's Wing

I love textures! I love to touch fuzzy things, rough things, shiny things - especially shiny things. But, I have a small problem. I am stronger than I realize. I was playing with my favorite texture book and oops! I pulled the bees wing off. I was a little surprised at my own strength and carried that wing around for a long time. With Mommy's insistent urging, I even resisted the temptation to chew on the wing. Mommy tried to tape the wing back on, but I snapped it off within seconds. Here is a video of me and "the wing". :)

E2 and the poor bee's wing video link