Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Creation Museum Daytrip

So today we went to the Creation Museum. I love the Creation Museum! We talk about all the wonderful things that God created. We can think about how wonderful it was in the Garden of Eden and then remember about that scary snake that tricked Eve into disobeying. I am sure that is what happens to me sometimes. I am tricked into disobeying. I don't mean to do all the naughty things that I do - well, most of the time. Mom says that when I sin, it is on purpose. I don't agree. I think I sometimes sin on accident.

Anyway, we had a fantastic time on our trip. We got to see the biggest star in the universe, and guess what - it's my favorite color - RED! That was at the planetarium show. We saw another movie where the chair moved around and I got splashed with water during the flood! It was great! I saw all kinds of dinosaurs - you know, they were on the ark with Noah, too. We even got to see some animals today. I chased chickens and goats. I was petting a zonkey (zebra donkey) but he kept sneezing on me. I am sure Mom was trying to figure out a way that I could take a bath in germ gell at that point.  We had a great time, but I'm glad to be home, except I wish Aunt Shannon and Cole could be here with us at home. I loved being with them today! I was glad to be home because I had to go to the bathroom SO badly! Mom said she wasn't stopping so I just had to cross my legs. You know, it sure is hard to hold all that in all the way from Ohio!! But, I made it. WHeW!

Here are some pictures from our trip.
Love to all,

This is baby E all dressed up with a bow and even some shoes -although that bow didn't last long in her hair.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Latest Happenings for E2

I have had a lot of fun these last couple of days, despite my being sick. Last night, Mommy decided to give me a bath like Sissy takes, you know, where she fills up the tub and puts me in it – without that silly infantile plastic contraption that forces me to lie down. I mean the tub, filled with wonderful, sparkling water. It was WoNdErFuL! Mommy only put in a few toys, which turn out are very slippery when they are put into water. So tricky trying to nab those speedy duckies! I did figure out that if I kick my feet just right, it seems to swoosh them in my direction. I also figured out that if I wave my arms really fast into the water, that this creates the most WoNdErFuL splash and GiNOrMoUs waves! It is hard for me to see through the droplets of water that cover my face and eyes, but I am pretty sure I get Mommy with the splashing because I hear her squealing. I have been watching Sissy in the bath for so long and now I get to have one of my very own. How wonderful! Maybe one day I’ll get to take a bath WITH Sissy – that’d be delightful! I’d love to get a chance to soak her. tee hee hee!

I also am getting pretty good at this army crawling thing. I can sneak off if Mommy and Sissy aren’t paying full attention to me and find the neatest things. Today I found a bowl full of brown nibblets. Mommy caught me before I got to taste them. She said something about it being Mindy’s food. I tried a second time to get to the “food” but to no avail. I still didn’t get a taste (and this time I got in real trouble). I’m not sure if it is worth going back again. I’ll have to rethink how important these lil nibblets might be.

One thing that was most certainly not fun was my trip to the doctor. I am not sure why Sissy likes her so much. I can’t read yet, but I’m pretty sure it is the house of pain that Mommy takes me to. This time for sure!! I had to have a needle jabbed into my toe, inspected from head to toe by the doctor (freezing because I was naked as a jaybird the entire time) and then I had to have a mask that made a horribly loud noise put on my face for an hour. Ok, it wasn’t an hour, but it sure felt like it! My loving Mommy finally stopped chasing my face around with the mask and said it wasn’t worth it. Glad I got my point across, even if I did have to scream at the top of my lungs, flail about like a fish on a hot rock and jam my nose into Mommy’s armpit.

Anyway, hope you are enjoying your spring. Once we are healthy and able to go outside more, I think I’ll like it better. So far, it seems the same as winter.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Watch the Baby

The phrase “watch the baby” has been taken to a whole new level. It used to mean that all I had to do was get her a toy to chew on if she started getting fussy and just drape my leg over her to make sure she didn’t roll too far. Now….. I have to actually watch and pay attention. That baby E is everywhere – and she is fast! It turns out that all her favorite things to do are things she shouldn’t be doing. Like getting under my desk. I am not sure what she thinks is so great about being under the desk, but she loves it down there. But, she gets stuck and always ends up bonking her head. Mom always says she is so smart and learning so much each day – I’m starting to wonder. I mean, she is doing all the same bad things over and over again. Oh wait, I sometimes do that, too (and we all know I’m a genius). J So, maybe she is just a sinner like me. You know how I used to just put my leg over her? Well, when I am playing my princess Wii game, it is hard to pay attention to baby E, so I thought I’d try the leg trick. It turns out that one of her other favorite things to do is play with the Wii controller. Ugh! She is just a baby and can’t understand how important it is that I help each princess and fight the horrible bogs. It is hard work and I can’t have the baby pulling at the controller. She is just too little to understand how important it is to save Cinderella and make the castle beautiful again. Maybe when she’s older like me she’ll understand. The other thing I have to do is keep her away from Mindy, the cat. This is a super hard project because it turns out that Mindy loves baby E and baby E loves Mindy. So they are always trying to get to each other and I have to prevent this. If yelling NO at either of them doesn’t work, I just yell for Mom. I’ve been scratched by Mindy before and I don’t want any part of it again! She already chases me around the house and jumps out to scare me. I don’t need to get between her and baby E and have her actually mad at me (Mom insists that the other stuff is just playing, but I think she is after me).

You know what else stinks – germs. We have been sick for so long! Mom said it was supposed to last 7-10 days, and I think that is just too long for a cold! It’s not fair. I’m missing all kinds of fun things. I might even be missing my chance to sing in the Easter choir (technically Palm Sunday choir). But, at least it is just a cold. Mom said we should be glad that it is only 7-10 days and that we aren’t sick every day. Some people never feel healthy, so I guess I should count my blessings – just like the song says. Poor baby E is really sick, too. She has a double ear infection (and that means it is in both ears) and her lungs are infected. She had to go to the doctor and it wasn’t a fun trip at all! Although, I did get a sticker for being so good.

Looks like the start to a beautiful sunny day! I think I’ll go check out Mom’s pretty purple flowers today.
Love to all,
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Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Middle Name

I had no idea that I was named after the cats - did you? I hear Mommy call the cats "Mindy No" and "Blacky No" all the time. Just recently, she has been calling me by my first and middle names - "Evelyn No". Isn't that so sweet? E1 is named after our handsome, loveable cousin and I am named after our cute, fuzzy-wuzzies. Sweet!

I have a new skill now - moving forward! I was good at the rolling and pivotting and now I can just scoot forward. It's GREAT! I was even brave enough to go into the kitchen, where my hands make a fantastic smack noise on the floor - and I started down the hall. I looked back when I got about 1/3 of the way in and Mommy looked SO far away - I got a little nervous. I was so glad that she came and scooped me up.

Here is some video of my fancy forward movements and some of Sissy in her beautiful gown (for no reason).

March 2010 Video Link

Love to all,

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Signs of Spring

What a wonderful day! The sun was shining - outside and in our hearts! It was like spring, even though we still have some snow on the ground. We got to blow bubbles, play soccer, baseball, swing, ride bikes and jump in the snow! What a fun day! Mom even opened up the porch swing on the deck. I found a bucket but Mom was quick to point out a spider nest in it. ICK!! I was very brave and got a stick and poked it out. I put it in the stick pile so that it will all burn up when Dad lights a fire. We hope you enjoyed your day, too. Love to all - E1

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Friday, March 5, 2010


Ok, winter is still my favorite season, but I am getting tired of wearing all these clothes. I love short sleeves and skirts and I can't wait to be able to wear them again. I tried to tell Mom that since it is sunny out and warm (she said it, not me), that I was done with long sleeves and only going to wear short ones from now on. She quickly corrected me and said I'd freeze. I did get to wear just my vest yesterday instead of my winter coat - that felt good! I am ready for the warm sunshine!

I was playing with my polly pockets the other day and told Mom that it was Cinderella's birthday. She said we ought to sing happy birthday, to her. I told her we already did that and that we were getting ready to eat the birthday cake. It was a kitty cake. I quickly assured Mom that didn't mean that it was made of mashed up kitties, but it was in the shape of a kitty. She said it was a good thing I cleared that up.

Love to all,

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sshhh, Quiet

I am trying to learn an new trick: how to talk quietly and basically live quietly. This is the hardest thing I have had to learn yet. E-R-I-N does not spell quiet, not in any language! Mommy is teaching my baby sister how to sleep better and I guess that's a hard thing for baby E to learn (I hear her crying and crying some days) and so my part in this new learning adventure is to be quiet. Mom doesn't even like for me to yell out that I'm done when I am in the bathroom - so I just have to sit and wait for Mom. I don't know how well you know my Mom, but that can be a while. She's pretty forgetful. I just know one of these times, she's gonna leave me there for like a thousand hours.

When baby E is sleeping, I can play with my polly pockets, but it turns out that even Cinderella has to talk quietly. It's a really hard lesson for Cinderella, too! She is used to dancing and singing and gasping with surprise. Mom says that everyone, even Cinderella, needs to be kind and respect the time that E2 is sleeping. I can watch TV, too, but it really isn't worth it. It has to be turned down pretty low (more quiet) and Mom doesn't let me stand right in front of it (something about hurting my eyes). Sometimes, I will sit back on the couch and just watch the TV with subtitles. Then at least I can read what they are saying. It really stinks when they make movies without subtitles.

Love to all,

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I have learned some new words, although I am not sure exactly what they mean. I can say "da da da da da" and "ba ba ba ba ba" and today learned "mom" (not "mama", but a very serious "mom"). I am pretty sure they mean something because everyone gets so excited when I say them, well, most of the time. It seems no matter what I say, someone wants to have me say something else. For instance, I look at Mommy and say "da da da da". She laughs and says no "mma mma". Not sure what is so wrong about "da da" - Daddy sure likes that word. It always makes him smile.

You know what other word I am hearing more and more of? "No". I can't say it yet (but I'm going to learn quickly because it is a pretty powerful word). Mommy looks at me a lot now and says "no". She especially does it when she is feeding me and I am trying to multitask. I'm not sure if she is against multi-tasking or just trying to prevent me from learning new things. I mean, I'm just trying to perfect pinching with my finger and thumb - sure, I'm trying to grab those short, fine hairs of hers right there by her face, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. I have milestones to meet! She is totally trying to hold me back and keep me her baby forever. I agree with Sissy, I wanna grow up and learn new things. You know, she threatened to stop feeding Sissy veggies and meat to keep her from growing. I think Mommy is going to try her hardest to keep us home with her as long as we will stay.....  I guess it's cuz she loves us so....

Love to all,

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fun with Sepia

I wanted Mom to take a fun pyramid picture of the girls and here we are. :)
Love to all,

Writers Block

My Mommy said she had a problem this morning so I thought I would help her out. She said she had writers block and didn't know what to write about on her blog (whatever a blog is). I worked real hard to create a fantabulous story for her to tell everyone. Mommy knew that I hadn't gone "big potty" since Sunday, so she knew that I was probably saving up. It was hard, but I held it until we were on our way to the dentist this morning. After she and Daddy complained about how bad the poo smelled, she took me to the bathroom to change my diaper. What she didn't know was that I needed more than my diaper changed. You see, it came out and was everywhere! Up to my armpits and down to my knees. She said she wished she had a pair of scissors because she didn't even know where to begin to get me clean. Giggle. I like to keep her on her toes. The part I hadn't planned on was that she didn't have any extra clothes packed for me. Oops. Now here I am at the dentist office running around naked (well, I did have a diaper and socks on)! I'd like to tell you that I was embarrassed because I am so modest, but that'd be a bit of a stretch. I LOVED it!!!  Everyone was coming up and telling me how cute I am and I'd just bat my baby blues at them.

Then we got home - and Mommy put clothes back on me. I was a little bit thankful because it is only March and I was getting a bit chilly.

Love to all,

Spring Activities

What fun times my Daddy and Mommy have planned for me! I started my first class of Wiggles last night. We are going to learn a Mary Poppins song (like I need to learn - I know them all already) - and put it with a little dance routine and have a show! How exciting!! The class is 10 weeks long and the show is at the end of that. I don't know the exact date yet, but when I do, I'll let you know! I can't wait!

The other fun thing that I get to do this spring is BASEBALL! Woohoo! I haven't practiced all winter, but I am pretty sure that as soon as I start swinging the bat again, I'll be just as good as I was last summer (and I was awesome, in my humble opinion). The games will probably start at the end of April, at least I hope so. It seems awfully cold outside right now to be playing an enitre game outside.

What a great spring we are going to have!
Love to all -