Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I love my Mommy so much!

I just love my Mommy so much! I don't think she understands how much, so I feel like I need to show her (hard to tell her since I am having difficulties making this tongue of mine form words yet). One way I show her is by flashing her these gorgeous, big, bright smiles (that's right, I know how great they look, I've seen them in my mirror). Another way I show her how much I love her is that I always want to be with her. I know she must be so sad when she is away from me and I even think she must be a little disoriented - so I holler out as loud as I can so she can find her way back to me. I keep this up until I see her again, and then I reassure her with another one of my flashy smiles.

One thing I don't understand is how she can go all night without seeing my beautiful face or squeezing my squishy belly (she says she loves that). I know she is over there in her big, fancy, comfy bed - so in the wee hours of the morning (when I know she is too tired to wake up for good), I start fussing just a little. Not enough to make her worry or wake up for good. But just a little fussing to let her know how much I miss her. You know what happens don't you.... That's right, she comes and gets me. I hear the rip / tear of the velcro that holds me on the hill that I sleep on and then she puts me next to her in her big, comfy bed - right on her pillow. She leaves my arm bands on, but I don't mind. I can reach farther with them and am able to gently hold her neck with my hands (think gentle hug, not strangle). As she slips farther away (I'm sure this is not on purpose), I wiggle even closer to make sure she knows I love her so.

This morning, much to my dismay, I awoke, felt beside me and the squishy mound next to me wasn't the usual cotton Tshirt material - scratch, scratch - it was 600 thread count bedding! My Mommy wasn't there! Agghhhh!! I began to holler out for her. She must have slept walked and gotten lost! Agghhhhh!! And, just like always, she came in and scooped me up. She found me.

I sure do love my Mommy.

Monday, October 26, 2009


What a wonderful time of year!! The leaves are so pretty - and some are even my favorite color - RED!! We get to run around outside and run through the leaves. They make a fun crunching sound. Even Blacky loves to run and jump in a pile of leaves. There is one danger though - walnuts. Daddy makes me put on my bicycle helmet to play on the swingset because it is right under a walnut tree. I think I look silly, but safety first! :)
This weekend was so much fun. Daddy and Mommy were both home almost all weekend long. We got to carve pumpkins and go on a hay ride. I even got to spend some time with my best friend (and cousin) in the entire world. And, because he is a super smarty pants and got on the honor roll, Mommy treated us to a trip at the Bounce Planet. It was SUPER FUN!! We are so lucky! I just kept hugging Mommy's leg and telling her how much I loved her. And can you believe that in between all that extra fun, we found time for some uno? What a wonderful weekend... here are some pictures that Mom took:

This one was my favorite - it looked like you were underwater. I even convinced Mommy and Aunt Rachel to go in it and down the big slide. Cole said that he got squished against the wall - Mommy said it was because she eats too much candy corn (giggle). I think I might eat too much candy corn too....wait, is that possible?

Here are Cole and Aunt Rachel getting off the underwater one. :)

My best friend in the whole wide world! I don't even care that he is a boy.


Can you even believe I climbed this big "rock wall" by myself? Mom was nervous!!

Yeah, that's right - you're cool!


Close up of me going down the slide...

Baby E didn't have much fun - but I do think she liked looking at all the bright colors. :)

Here I am carving the inside "gunt" out of the pumpkin. It is so gross!! Daddy says he wants to keep the seeds and cook them. You have to cook them before you can eat them or else you'll have a pumpkin tree growing in your belly - ya know.

Here are me & Mommy putting the dots on the pumpkin. Then she takes the little knife and connects the dots - SO COOL! My job is to push the pieces out after she makes the cuts. I have such strong fingers. :)

Here they are! Piglet and Happy Hal. I am showing off my little purse and my exercise hat - it is just a head band but I like to call it a hat. I wear it when I am exercising around the living room (which includes running and doing great jumps and twirls to music). Here they are in the dark. :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This thing they call love. What a strange and wonderful thing it is. I love my Mommy, Daddy and sister so much already and I was wondering the best way to show them - you know, I can't really just go out to Hallmark and get cards. So, I heard Mommy talk about how her love language (so many languages, so little time...) was acts of service. How wonderful! That is something I can be sure to provide - ways for her to serve me. So yesterday, I started the day off with a big ole stinky poopy diaper while she was feeding me, and, you guessed it, it leaked out all over my jammies. We had to go to the library for sissy and then to Target to try a different brand of diapers (hmmmm, I wonder why?)....on the way home, my ng tube cap came loose and I leaked out all my stomach fluid into my carseat. Mommy didn't look so happy, but it was another opportunity for her to serve me. I just wanted to show her how much I love her. That afternoon, in the new diapers she got, I pooped again. I must have held my bum in just the right way because it leaked out too! Man, I'm awesome at this love thing!! This time, I got a bath - even more service for my dear Mommy. :) I showed her how much I loved her by smiling and laughing at her as much as I could during the changing, cleanup and bath process. That night, while Daddy was watching me, I pulled a fast one and pulled that tube out of my nose. Sweet relief!!! Well, at least for a second. Mommy must have thought that was a real loving gesture because she got real quiet for a long time, had some watery eyes, and then jabbed that tube back into my nose (which didn't feel so loving to ME).

Maybe someday when I'm a Mommy, I'll understand why Mommy loves to scrape the poopy off of my back (because it just sounds icky to me now), but for now, I'll just keep on giving Mommy ways to serve me so she knows how much I care. :)

PS. I have a new trick. Even with the silly arm bands on (and silly is putting it mildly), I have learned to roll from my tummy to my back. This is great, except for one problem - you guessed it. It is the arm bands. They are in the way and my arm gets stuck under me when I roll on it (hey, I know what you're thinking and it has nothing to do with my round belly). Oh - this makes me SO mad!! I just don't care for the arm bands all the way around. Mommy says it is to keep me from pulling out my tube out. Call me Houdini - because I have figured out how to wiggle out of the arm bands as well. Mom is SO excited when she sees that trick. She always comes running with a look of surprise. I just flash her my gummy smile. :-D

Love to all - E2

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Job

Ok, so I have figured out that it is my job to present a challenge to my dear Mommy as much as I can. So, I am determined to do anything I can to not let her plan anything. It turns out that Mommy has these idols called control and self-sufficiency. That means she loves things like schedules and being able to handle things all on her own. Well, I am here to help her change all that. I am like her Moses and am helping her tear down her golden calf named "control". tee hee hee!

So, I am not going to get on any particular sleeping or feeding schedule. Even when I heard that doctor tell Mommy that I had to be fed every 3 hours in the tube, I have her change that from every 2 to 2 1/2 hours. NEVER 3 hours - are you kidding? That would give her time to plan to do something outside the home. I like to have her under my thumb (giggle). I hear her tell people from time to time that I am sleeping through the night for her. Well, I couldn't let her plan on a good nights sleep yet either - so I started waking up and teasing her to make her think that I was going to pull my tube out (which I just might - I hate that thing, especially when I'm sleeping). I grunt and moan and struggle to get my arms out of my swaddle -- man, she is quick! She is up out of that bed faster than I can spit my passy out tightening up that swaddle. It sure is hard to get one over on her -- but she is still awake - no full nights sleep in this plan. :)

My other favorite thing to do to rock her world is wait until she gets good and settled in the feeding process (which I might add -is difficult to stop once you start) and fill my diaper....and I don't really mean fill - I mean OVER fill. Big ole, smooshy, stinky, burn the hair in your nose, leak out and fill up my footies kind of full. The kind that when she changes me, she sqeals about germs and poop up on her elbows. I am just laughing and smiling cause I think it is hilarious!
One thing I have been doing has kind of back fired on me. I have gotten really good at pulling my tube out. I just wiggle my fingers up by my nose and pretend to rub my eyes or put my hands in my mouth, then I take one lil finger and put it on the tube between the tape and my nose and WA-LA! Sweet freedom! You should see the look on Mommy's face when she sees what I've done. Kind of a mix between being sad and mad and sad. I think she is more sad than anything because, as it turns out, she has to rip tape off my face and eventually put the silly tube back in (ugh). This has backfired because now she puts me in these blue arm bands so that I can't bend my elbos. I hate them - I know hate is a strong word but this is a very strong feeling I have. I HATE them! The only thing they are good for is batting Mommy or Sissy in the face (I have to admit, that is pretty fun). I miss the taste of my fingers so much!

She always tells me it is a good thing God made me so cute..... I wonder why she would say a thing like that (giggle).


Saturday, October 10, 2009

October - so far

Hello -

I have discovered something. I cannot believe it has taken me this long to figure out that every place we go has a restroom. My Mom always tells me to go potty before we leave because she doesn't know if the place we are going (wherever that may be - store, restaurant, friends house) has a bathroom. It turns out - they ALL do! And they are all different. So, I have made it my goal, despite what my dear Mother has said, to find and visit them all! Mom always says that all toilets are disgusting - and altho some bathrooms are pretty and cute (especially the one at the toy store - very nice!) - some are stinky! Some even look like the last person may have "missed" when they went poop (yeah, that's what I said - poop) and got it all over the toilet. So, even though my Mom always gives me a disappointed look and has to drag the baby into the (as she says) germ infested room....I am now an explorer (just call me Dora) and my mission is to discover all the different restrooms everywhere we go.

I am getting pretty good at sitting quietly in the backseat. When I was a little girl - ya know, last week - I would sing and talk really loudly and Mom was always asking me to use my inside voice and be a little quieter. It turns out, this IS a good idea, especially if Mom is on the phone or Dad is in the car. I can hear interesting things. Plans they are making for fun trips to the store, things they want to buy me, how much of a great kid I am, how much Dad doesn't like other cars in his way, how Mom needs to exercise more and eat less candy corn (her words not mine - I'd NEVER say that!). There is only one problem. I think they are on to me. Mom & Dad started talking in a way that I can't necessarily follow. It is getting harder and harder to know what they are talking about - but I know one thing. If they are talking this way - something REALLY FANTASTIC must be coming my way! I can't wait!!! This week it sounds like I might be going someplace during the day since Mom has to spend so much time with E2 - I hope it is a play date! I love those. Especially with my friend, Eli. He loves to play prince and save me (the Princess) from the tower. He also is teaching me how to play baseball. You should have seen the look on Mom's face when I told her we went around the bases. She was SO surprised she couldn't even talk. Mom must love baseball too. ;)

Love to all,