Thursday, March 22, 2012

Baby Lewis

We love our new baby cousin! He is so adorable, cute, and also disgusting. Disgusting might seem like a strange word for a baby, but it isn't so strange for a baby who PEES ON YOU! You read that right. He peed on me. Mom said I was a little too close to the diaper changing process and she was right (although he might have gotten me wet if I were across the room!)!! I know now to listen to my dear old Mom. That must have happened to her before.

Other than the pee incident, he isn't disgusting. Actually, I wanted to hold him over and over but Mom kept taking him away. She said she was worried I'd drop him, but I think she just wanted him all to herself. I saw how she kept rubbing and kissing his cheeks.

Little Lewis - we love you already!

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