Monday, January 16, 2012

New Beds

I am getting to be such a big girl now. One sign of this is that I can use the big potty now (and today I even got to wear big girl panties)! I was not really ready for this big of a change because it means that my Mom is constantly asking me if I have to go to the bathroom, but Mom has promised swimming lessons if I can keep these panties dry all the time. I'd do just about anything to have swimming lessons.

One other great surprise for me being such a big girl - new beds. These are not your regular twin beds. Nope, Mom and Dad got us a fancy bunk bed. Let's just say it is awesome!! The only downside is that I am so excited about the bed being so awesome that it takes a long tme to fall asleep. I hope the excitement wears off - never!

((hugs)) E2

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