Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oops Poops

All my troubles seemed so far away
Now it looks as though they're here to stay
Oh I believe in yesterday

Oh, I feel just like the Beatles when I think about yesterday (actually now it was the day before yesterday). I had an accident. Mommy warned me about going "big potty" in my panties, but I didn't listen. I snuck off behind the kitchen table and hid behind the curtain and did my business.

Mommy came into the room and with a SNIFF, SNIFF she smelled what I had done. She took my hand and led me to the bathroom. I wondered if I was going for a "counseling session" or to sit on the potty, so I started declaring that I preferred the latter choice. I yelled, "potty, potty, peese, potty".

Mommy was explaining that I needed to tell her if I had to go potty and that there are only two acceptable places to put poop - the toilet or a diaper.

Then she pulled my panties down and the insides of my legs were smeared with stinky, smooshy poop. And as I took my foot out of the panties, I got it all over my heal and then proceeded to stand down on that foot. Mommy completely freaked out at this point.

If you don't know my Mommy very well, she has a pretty bad phobia with germs. She thinks bleach smells good, if that tells you anything.

She was so worried about my tracking poop all over the bathroom that she had me sit down so she could clean my foot. Did you catch that? Sit down. She hadn't wiped my rear end yet.

At this point, I felt so badly for Mommy and kind of terrible that I had made such a mess in my panties, kind of. I still don't want to go big potty on the toilet.

Mommy quickly wiped me down as best as she could and then scrubbed me up in the shower. I'm not sure what she did to that bathroom but it smelled of pinesol, clorox, lysol, and dial soap.

It is all clean now, but man, what an ordeal!  I guess someone learned a lesson after all that. Mommy will think twice before putting ME in panties again. wink, wink.

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